Kanye West won the Lifetime Achievement Award for a surprise appearance at the 2022 BET Awards

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The BET Awards presented Sean “Didi” Combs with flowers on Sunday night. Kanye “Ye” West took the stage to help Diddy give her award with Baby Face. Kanye talked to Didi about his history in the music industry, respected him as an artist, and managed to even make a joke!

“How do you crown the king? How do you thank the kings? To think about how far you can reach from your inspiration,” Kanye began his speech. “This is my favorite artist. Do you understand what I mean? Favorite artist. All. Especially drip, not production. At that time, there were so many rules in hip hop. He broke them all. He broke all the doors. “

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Kanye then explained how Diddy influenced not only the music industry, but his “wife’s choice.” Nods to the fact that both he and Diddy married a woman named Kim.

Diddy then went on stage to win the Night’s Lifetime Achievement Award. “First of all, I want to thank God. Thank you very much, God. Never leave my side, keep me aiming, be pious, and lift me off the ground,” Diddy began. I did.

After that, Diddy thanked his mother who was sitting in the crowd.

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Thanks to industry colleagues and fans, Diddy said: “I had the opportunity to work for every artist, every producer, every writer, every executive. I love everything. I love everything.”

At the end of the speech, Diddy announced that he would donate $ 1 million to Howard University and another $ 1 million to Jackson State University.

At that moment, he was one of the hosts who told ET that Taraji P. Henson was looking forward to citing Diddy’s influence on black culture as a media tycoon.

“Didi has a lot of implications for culture, that is, you can’t talk about hip-hop, fashion, or alcohol. His name doesn’t come up,” she says. “”[He’s an] A symbolic and legendary star of so many careers, he should be celebrated. We should give him flowers and receive them while he is still alive. it’s about time. “

The award honors an industry giant who has not only shaped culture through a wide range of careers, but has also been a leader in change that constantly inspires generations by setting the standard of true excellence. Past Lifetime Achievement Award winners include industry legends such as Whitney Houston, Prince, Queen Latifah, Anita Baker, Mary J. Blige, Samuel L. Jackson, Lionel Richie, and New Edition.

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Meanwhile, after years of working in fashion, liquor and television, the founder of Bad Boy Entertainment recently launched a R & B-focused music label, Love Records, with the help of classical label Motown, making a major return to music. I announced that.

Diddy, run by SAL & CO, represented by Washim “Sal” Slivey, has also signed a one-time album deal with Motown Records. The album will be released as an imprint of Love Records and will be dropped in the summer.

“Music is always my first love, love records are the next chapter, going back to love and making the best music in my life,” the prolific producer said in a statement. “The label is focused on creating timeless R & B music with the next generation of artists and producers. Motown is the perfect partner for my album and I’m excited to add it to its legacy.”

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Kanye West won the Lifetime Achievement Award for a surprise appearance at the 2022 BET Awards

Source link Kanye West won the Lifetime Achievement Award for a surprise appearance at the 2022 BET Awards

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