Kanye West went out to comment on Kim Kardashian’s “SNL” monologue “Rapper”

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Kim Kardashian’s “Saturday Night Live” monopoly was completely incompatible with Kanye West.

In the latest episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashian Family, reality stars revealed that her estranged husband, who attended a live show last October, actually left in the middle of her opening.

“I haven’t talked to him since he went out on’SNL’like a monologue,” Kim told his sister Khloe Kardashian in a scene shot later that month. rice field.

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“He’s angry with the fact that I said why I divorced him-I used the word” divorced “-he wanted to say I” applied for divorce ” “She continued. “And he’s angry that I also used the word” rapper. “He said, “I’m more than a rapper. I can’t believe you said Rapper.. ‘”

During her soliloquy, Kim took playful shots in many of her family and downplayed her ongoing divorce from the west.

“That is, I married the greatest rapper of all time. Not only that, he is America’s wealthiest black man, talented, legitimate genius, and gave me four wonderful children. He gave me, “she joked in solitude. “So when I divorce him, you have to know that it came down to only one thing: his personality.”

Kim also gave a controversial speech during the marriage about “Kardashian Family Fuss”, so that West went out after she stood by him for years. Complained to her sister about.

“I was sitting there through many speeches that weren’t the most comfortable for me, but it was my partner and I stood by him. I embarrassed him and went out. You will never do it, “she said.

“He’s very used to getting exactly what he wants,” Kim added. “I’ve never seen anything like that. It’s good for him, but hey, that won’t happen here.”

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In his confession, Kim added: That was to make a joke. I made fun of myself, made fun of my mother, made fun of everything that was personal to me, and it was all fun and games, obviously not for him. “

Finally, she said. “We have four kids together. I always want to have a good and healthy relationship with him. But after the” SNL “has happened, I said” OK, I concentrate. I need to do it. ” [California] Bar and I need to get new energy. “

Kanye West went out to comment on Kim Kardashian’s “SNL” monologue “Rapper”

Source link Kanye West went out to comment on Kim Kardashian’s “SNL” monologue “Rapper”

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