Kanye West says Kim Kardashian’s guards did not allow him to enter her house north.

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Kanye “Ye” West shares insights into his personal life. A 44-year-old artist claims that his estranged wife, a guard at Kim Kardashian West, did not allow him to enter her home after a recent visit. ET contacted a Kardashian West representative.

“Early this week, on Monday, when I went to pick up my kids from school, the guards stopped me at the gate, so at that point there was safety between me and my kids. Yes, that didn’t happen, “West told Jason Lee in the new. Hollywood unlock interview. “But I didn’t want to discuss it. So I just chilled and took the kids to school and then brought them back. I’m driving. I bring them back. , North was like, “I want you to come upstairs and see something.” And it was, “Oh, it’s like daddy can’t come to see something. daddy can’t go inside.” But it wasn’t defined. “

West, who shares four children with Kardashian West, said it was the guards who informed him that he could not enter the dwelling, but he was talking to Kardashian West about the restrictions. Claims not.

“My daughter wanted me to go in. I seemed to be the wealthiest black man and father of North. Security puts me in the room with my daughter. It wasn’t defined. Pete Davidson was in the house. “And I heard that the new boyfriend is actually in a house I can’t even go to. And that’s where I call my cousin. And my cousin is the real opinion, you know it. And I said, “I’m these two you went. I need to say one thing. ” There is no security between me and my kids, nor do my kids join TikTok without my permission. “

Yeezy’s founder continues, noting that it was his two female cousins ​​that he sent to talk to Kardashian West. I hate co-parenting – from my hometown, you are my baby’s mom. So, in order for us to do something honest and polite, there are certain things that aren’t done in the end and aren’t done under the rug. “

Best of all, West states that the media can make jokes and report what he likes, but no one gets in the way of him and his children.

“They can join SNL and make jokes, make jokes in the media, and plant stories about who I’m dating and what I want to do. They block deals. You can and can do all that kind of thing, but I can tell you straight, don’t play with my kids, “he said. “Don’t play with my kids. Anyone you work for, anyone who thinks your family works, is telling you now. Playing with my kids Don’t. And it’s all going to be legal, it’s going to be all legal, baby. I’m not going to put a gaslight on me, thinking it’s calming like this, but that’s what we play I’m not going. It won’t be no. And this is for everyone who was in this situation and couldn’t speak … I’m right next to my kids I got a house. “

Early in the interview, West launched Davidson without dropping his name, even admitting that he was “not the best Christian.”

This is for those who are experiencing separation, and people deliberately do nasty things and hurt you … to play games, “he said. “How do you take me to’SNL’and kiss the guy you’re dating in front of you? Everyone’s like’Oh, cool’. I have something that changed my principles and things. You can put it in, and I slide back, and I wasn’t the best Christian, and what the media can make looks like some way … but after all, I’m a gangster. I’m about family, me and my kids, parenting. That is, my kids’ moms aren’t together. I’m still going to be the best dad. “

Lee talked to ET on Friday. So he saw a new song coming out that West disrespected Davidson. He also shared an interview with the rapper and insights into how he feels about the relationship between Kardashian West and the comedian.

“It would be interesting because he has a song coming out tonight, with Pete Davidson mentioned in it,” Lee shared. “I think he’s at least annoyed by what he got in his interview. He’s annoyed by the inaccessibility of the kids as before. And as a father, Kim’s guards told them. Interfering with his business and preventing him from actually being with his kids. And he said in an interview when he came home and North wanted him in. When he wasn’t allowed to enter, he talked about Pete Davidson being at home, and he chose to handle it very well. Calm down, he left and made the scene. It was. “

West talked about West’s state of mind in a recent alleged quarrel captured by divorce, co-parenting, and paparazzi during an interview with Lee, but the host said, “He’s good.” I shared it with.

“Kanier is calm, very thoughtful, now in a creative bag, with no cameras or spectators. He was in the studio for hours and hours every day. Donda 2.. I’ve heard some music, it’s really great, “Lee shared. “I think he’s focused on himself right now, but in conversations with him he says he’s a creative person and a lot of things are happening, from fashion to music. So, the reality is that he spends time with his wife and family feeling very clever in the media and dominating the story. “

“He mentioned [that].. He looked at the camera and said, “You know, you’re not going to light me a gaslight. You can take part in a deal, ruin a deal, or manage the media. … For example, in a story he spoke directly to Cardassian in a video… As you know, he creates barricades and obstacles between him and his children, or between him and his brand, and he just He said he would legally fight them at all, and he would do it very calmly. “

Lee also shared that West had told him, “There is no Solange in his family to support or defend him as Solange did for Beyonce.” “And his cousins ​​send them to discuss with Kim in a rational way, how he wants to have access to his children, and he goes through security and security. . “

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Kanye West says Kim Kardashian’s guards did not allow him to enter her house north.

Source link Kanye West says Kim Kardashian’s guards did not allow him to enter her house north.

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