Kanye West defends Alex Jones, claiming celebrities are ‘controlled’

To Brent Furdick.

Kanye West continues to stir up controversy every time he speaks, and that was true when he spoke to reporters outside a church on Saturday, November 26.

As TMZ West reportedly said in a brief interview that he was dropped from Adidas and Balenciaga for his anti-Semitic remarks, his belief that celebrities are “controlled” by invisible forces, and that America He touched on many topics, including his belief in being a “Christian nation.” ” prompting Elon Musk to revive Alex Jones’ Twitter account.

“I saw Adidas freeze my account,” began West, wearing a “Ye24” jacket promoting his just-announced 2024 presidential run.

“I saw my bank account closed,” he continued. “If that could happen to someone like me, what do you think is happening to America as a whole?”

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Claiming that free speech was under threat across the country, West followed the media. saw it, but no one said anything…” he complained.

According to West, the reason celebrities aren’t standing up to defend their anti-Semitic views is because they’re “controlled” by a secret master.

“It just goes to show that all celebrities are in control. You know, no celebrities talking about the Balenciaga situation, right? So show all these celebrities here.” They are ruled by people who really influence the world, so don’t let them influence you in any way.

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According to West, the only celebrities you can trust are those who profess to be “Christians.”

“We stick to Christian principles first. America is a Christian country,” he added before promptly turning to notorious conspiracy theorist Alex Jones. Staged “false flag operations” using “crisis actors”.

“Another problem I have is that Elon [Musk] We’re not bringing back Alex Jones,” West said.

“Alex Jones is a Christian and someone who doesn’t believe Christ is Lord has bought the American media and picked and picked who can and can’t join the platform,” he added.

Kanye West defends Alex Jones, claiming celebrities are ‘controlled’

Source link Kanye West defends Alex Jones, claiming celebrities are ‘controlled’

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