Kal Penn almost took President Obama to a “female topless bar”

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Actor Kal Penn worked hard at the White House, but wanted to forget the time he took his boss to a strip club.

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President Barack Obama at the time hired Harold & Kumar’s film franchise star for his office of public works, and Penn most often enjoyed his political gigs, but sometimes he was almost stuck. He’s a very cool American leader about hiccups.

“It’s not straightforward to say I took (Obama to the strip bar) … but this happened,” he told American pop star Kelly Clarkson at her daytime talk show. rice field. “It’s the second week. (Washington) DC was my first time and I needed a haircut. I just went to the place closest to my job, and this guy, Rodolfo, Barber, he recognized me , “I love your movie, I hear you work at the White House …”

“He listened to me … and he said,” I own a tapas bar you should check … and you should bring a civil service office to my tapas bar tonight “. I was like “certainly, maybe”. Then he says, “Well, you can bring the president too.”

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“People will always say that … and I said,’Can you give me your card, and maybe I can take everyone for a holiday party? I will rent a tapas bar. “

Cal went home and took out the card and was really shocked.

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“I saw this card and it says Rodolfo’s ladies topless bar,” he wrinkled.

And although it didn’t really reach the point of embarrassing President Obama, Penn was prepared in case Rodolfo contacted a member of the media and told him that a US leader was hanging with his female. I thought it was best to act frankly.

“I went the next day and couldn’t imagine what TMZ was talking about, so I had to tell my boss what I did.” Kumar promises the White House staff a strip club experience. ” He laughed.

Fortunately, Obama was really cool about the new guy’s mistake.

“It was okay,” Cal smiled. “He was very kind, but he definitely put his foot in his mouth in the second week.”

Kal Penn almost took President Obama to a “female topless bar”

Source link Kal Penn almost took President Obama to a “female topless bar”

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