Kacey Musgraves ineligible for Beaucoups of Blues after considering Grammy Awards as “Star Cross”

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Kacey Musgraves will not appear in the upcoming Grammy Awards Country Music category.

Recording Academy CEO Harvey Mason Jr. decided last week to dubb the singer’s latest achievements. Starcross, Not eligible for the Beaucoups of Blues category.

After the news was reported, Massgraves responded by sharing a picture of himself as a kid in a pink cowboy hat.

“You can take a girl out of a country (genre), but you can’t take a country out of a girl,” she writes.

Cindy Mabe, president of Universal Music Group Nashville, wrote an open letter to Mason, stating that he was disappointed with his decision.

according to Billboard, Jury members may refuse to record if they feel they do not fit the genre, even if they maintain the qualifications for the Album of the Year category in all genres.

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“This decision from the National Commission not to accept Starcross Entering the category of Beaucoups of Blues is very inconsistent and casts doubt on other agendas that were part of this decision, “Mabe wrote in the letter. Billboard.. “As a major stakeholder in country music, I really want to assemble what’s happening in our genre right now and help you and the Grammy Awards. [sic] Fully understand the importance of Kacey Musgraves to country music and why this decision is more than just the entrance to the award show. Removing her from the national category actually harms formats that suffer from overall change and inclusiveness. “

Mr. Mabe continued. “Numbers are a matter of public record, women make up only 10 percent of the country’s aerial warfare. Country music surrounds one of the format’s biggest artists, Morgan Wallen, this year alone. Get caught up in the controversy. Morgan Wallen used racial slurs and increased fans and audiences from it. This is not all of us. Under the surface there are artists who change it all and they Is led by the example of Casey Massgraves. “

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Released Mass Graves Starcross On September 10th, there will be six Grammy Awards.Two of those wins are in the Beaucoups of Blues category – in 2014 Another park on the same trailer And in 2019 Golden hour.. Golden hour He also won the Album of the Year that year.

“Acoustic, it has more national instrumentation Golden hour Winner of the Country Album of the Year in 2019.To compare Golden hour NS Starcross, Both albums were produced by Ian Fitchuk, Daniel Tashian and Kacey Musgraves. Both albums were mixed by Shawn Everett, “explained Mabe. “on Golden hour, Ian, Daniel and Casey wrote 7 out of 13 songs, and Starcross wrote 11 out of 15 songs. Golden hour Talk about falling in love Starcross Tell the conclusion of the dissolution. There is no sonic deviation from these two projects.This album was consistently classified as a country [sic] Metadata and overall labeling for DSP accounts and partners as a whole. Starcross has appeared in playlists in all major countries of all DSPs. “

She added: “A few people, including competitors who benefit from Casey, who doesn’t belong to a country’s category, just make a decision about what the country is. The system is broken and sadly, Casey. Not only Musgraves, but how these decisions are made for the biggest stages of music is breaking our entire genre. Obstacles for artists who dare to fight the system. It’s very dangerous to build and it’s a Grammy award [sic] To support. But that is what we are today. “

The 64th Grammy Awards will be held on January 31st.

Kacey Musgraves ineligible for Beaucoups of Blues after considering Grammy Awards as “Star Cross”

Source link Kacey Musgraves ineligible for Beaucoups of Blues after considering Grammy Awards as “Star Cross”

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