Justin Bieber’s grandmother almost died in an Ontario car accident

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Justin Bieber’s grandmother, Kathy Beaver, escaped slightly after being involved in a brutal car accident in the singer’s hometown of Canada, Stratford, Ontario.

The words of the incident spread on Saturday on Stratford’s Facebook public community page, with a particular focus on classic cars and expositions in and around the Canadian city where Beaver grew up.

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A photo of Kathy’s smashed, fiery convertible taken at the scene of the accident was shared with the group. The post is likely from a page administrator seeking information from anyone in the community who can identify who the vehicle belongs to. TMZ reports.

A man named Brandan Stephen, who also appears to be associated with Justin, replied claiming he was involved in the accident with Kathy. He confirmed that Kathy was the owner of the classic red car and pointed out that they were both in the convertible at the time of the accident.

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People also tagged Kathy in the comments section of the post. Her Facebook page has a photo of her in a convertible pose.

Not surprisingly, members of the group asked for more information about the accident, and Stephen replied: Then a distracted driver crashed and they said they had to do 70. “

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Stephen added that it was “not good” and he explained that “I had to pull out my grandmother.” [the] car. “

“The door was closed, so if I stayed there for another five seconds, it would have been very bad,” he said.

Kathy is married to George Beaver, the real father of Justin’s father, Jeremy. Technically speaking, she is Justin’s stepmother because Kathy is Jeremy’s stepmother.

Justin Bieber’s grandmother almost died in an Ontario car accident

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