Juliette Lewis throws support behind a strike-risk Hollywood union: “Appears in the backbone of our industry”

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Juliette Lewis is standing up for a Hollywood crew ready to go on strike.

The International Alliance of Theatrical Film and Theater Labor Union (IATSE) is ready to go on strike and has stopped producing most films and television as a trade union representing more than 150,000 members, from photographers to costume designers to screenwriters. Then I am threatening. Prepare to go on strike beyond working conditions.

Lewis, a member of the SAG-AFTRA union, visited Instagram on Friday to share a long message about support for IATSE members.

In the message, Lewis urges her “fellow actors” to “talk about how 15-17 hours of work are usually done”, often during a six-day work week.

“Since I was a teenager, I’ve been conditioned in the TV / movie business to never have a sick holiday. Otherwise, it will cost tens of thousands of dollars. And you’re having a problem. So I experienced influenza I experienced migraine I experienced walking pneumonia at “Natural Born Killers” for two weeks I thought I might die … ” She wrote. “It seems that it was always better than aloud and rescheduling to address human health, because it didn’t happen.”

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“But because I’m an actor, a crew member who appears hours before the actor and leaves hours after the actor,” she admits that “work ethic” has “helped me in many areas of my life.” Thinking about, you’re asked to do miracles every day, but that’s a whole different story beyond solid things like work ethic, so all you have to do is read a few stories. That’s it. “

“With the constant threat that someone else could work if we don’t service the production,” she sympathized with the crew moving up and down, “with the tireless efforts of humans. I ask the producer to constantly save the miracle. ” Instead of creating a viable schedule without constant pressure, they make money. “

Lewis went on to call on “all actors” to provide support, saying “we should stand up for the crew.”

Wrote Lewis: “You’ve seen them appear hours before you and leave hours later-if I’m so overworked and under pressure, how would they be 2 Are they standing in feet? How are they sleeping because they didn’t even have the SAG protection they did in the 12-hour turnaround … Even with the turnaround, we’re exhausted and completely overworked. Because it is, think about the crew. “

She writes: Daily miracle Weekly miracle No protection I had. I speak to all actors on behalf of your crew and ask executives and producers to properly support health / care / wages and prevent the need for strikes. Appears in the backbone of our industry. [It’s] It’s time to work overtime !!! “

On October 13, IATSE President Matt Robe declared that if no agreement was reached by 12:01 PT on Monday, October 18, the union would have no choice but to strike.

Until then, the union will continue to negotiate with producers this week, hoping to reach an agreement to address key issues such as reasonable rest periods, meal breaks and living wages for those at the bottom of their wages. Would be. ” scale.

Statements on the IATSE website include unsafe working conditions and “harmful working hours,” “consistent failures to provide reasonable rest during breaks, weekdays, and weekends,” and “new these streaming projects. Even with huge budgets that “match or exceed the blockbusters released in the past,” “media” productions earn lower wages than those paid in “traditional” productions.

Juliette Lewis throws support behind a strike-risk Hollywood union: “Appears in the backbone of our industry”

Source link Juliette Lewis throws support behind a strike-risk Hollywood union: “Appears in the backbone of our industry”

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