Johnny Depp’s agent says the actor lost the pirate’s payday after Amber’s editorial

“It was impossible for him to get a studio movie after the editorial,” the agent said.

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Johnny Depp’s talent agent claimed to have been “catastrophic” in the actor’s film career this week, alleging that he opposed being a survivor of Amber Heard’s 2018 domestic violence.

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Jack Wiggham, creative artist agency Depp’s talent manager, has a hard opinion. Washington post It polluted the actor’s reputation and led to the sixth cancellation Pirates of the Caribbean A movie you would have seen an actor pocket $ 22.5 million to replay his role as Captain Jack Sparrow.

Depp, 58, has accused his 36-year-old ex-wife for $ 50 million, claiming that he has irreparably hurt his career, although he hasn’t named him.

“It was impossible for him to get a studio movie after the editorial,” Wiggham said.

Depp’s agent said the actor has an oral arrangement Pirate 6However, in 2019, producers chose to go “in a different direction”.It was later announced that actress Margot Robbie would lead the restart of all women written by Birds of prey Screenwriter Christina Hodson.

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Johnny Depp in
Johnny Depp in “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Dead Man Doesn’t Tell a Story” Photo by Disney

In her first divorce notice in 2016, Hard claimed she had been abused. However, after 15 months of marriage, Hard put $ 7 million in his pocket and withdrew her request for protection from Depp.

“Our relationship was very passionate and sometimes unstable, but always tied to love,” the pair said in a joint statement at the time. “There was no intention of physical or mental harm.”

Wiggham said Depp continued to work after the split and landed a $ 8 million payday. City of lies$ 10 million Orient Express murder $ 13.5 million to play a villain in Harry potter spin off Fantastic Beasts: Grindelwald’s Crime..

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Depp, who hasn’t worked since 2019, earned $ 3 million Minamata And $ 1 million Waiting for the barbarians..

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However, under cross-examination, Wiggham admitted that there was no sixth contract. Pirates movie.

“I’ve never seen the page say’$ 22 million’, you’re right about that,” he said.

During his testimony, Depp said he was open to making more Pirates The movie and what he wanted to give the character a “proper farewell”.

Hollywood lawyer Richard Marx also stood up to elaborate on how Hard’s Opinion Piece essentially ended Depp’s ability to land acting jobs.

“I don’t want to hire negative actors whose quotes and unquarts have been cancelled,” Marks said.

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Intellectual property damages expert Douglas Bania testified that Depp’s public image was hit after the hard article was published. People “don’t like him very much,” he said.

Hard’s lawyer points out that Depp’s non-marriage disgust leads to effective cancellation of his career, including fighting drugs and alcohol and quirky behaviour.

Amber Heard will be heard in the court of the Fairfax County Circuit Court in Fairfax, Virginia, on May 2, 2022.
Amber Heard will be heard in the court of the Fairfax County Circuit Court in Fairfax, Virginia, on May 2, 2022. Photo by STEVE HELBER / /Getty Images

On his side, Depp claims he never hit hard and that she was an abuser during their relationship that began after the pair met during the 2011 shoot. bottom Lamb Diary..

Several key witnesses, including Malcolm Connolly, one of Depp’s bodyguards, have described cases where Hard accused him of calling him an “f-ing coward.” He also said that Hard noticed that at the time of marriage he seemed to “want to wear trousers.”

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“It’s not my job that I work for, but I found him not happy,” Connolly said. Newsweek.. He commented on the bruise on Depp’s face, saying, “He stepped into the door, or the door stepped into him.”

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Travis McGivern, another member of Depp’s security team, talked about some cases where Heard was verbally and physically abused, leaving the actor with a “nice little glow” in a single exchange.

by New York postMcGiburn said Haad called his two fathers “dead beat daddy” and “f-ingc-“.

“You name it, she spit it out,” he said.

McGiburn also testified how Hard struck Depp on his face during a battle. “The first look of the face (of Depp) is a kind of mirror image mine,” he said. What happened “like”? Where did it come from? ‘”

Early in the trial, Depp revealed that the couple hid from hard on suspicion of violent exchanges when they lived in Australia during their fifth shoot in 2015. Pirates movie.

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“The house they rented for me in Australia was a pretty large place. I wanted to hit the door, shout obscene words, and have a physical quarrel, so I had at least nine bedrooms, I think I was trapped in the bathroom, “Dep said. Position..

In his testimony last week, Depp denied hitting his ex-wife and said at the beginning of the trial he was suing Hard to “reveal my name.”

But in 2020, Depp lost his defamation proceedings against Britain. Sun After it called him “the one who beats his wife”.

After a three-week hearing, Judge Andrew Niccol of the High Court concluded that Depp had violently attacked his ex-wife and feared her life.

When she said she choked, beaten, beaten, head-to-headed, squeezed and kicked her, she outlined 14 cases of violence, and Nicole admitted that 12 of her accounts were true. rice field.

Depp’s attempt to appeal the verdict in 2021 was rejected.

What I heard is expected to testify on Wednesday.


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Johnny Depp’s agent says the actor lost the pirate’s payday after Amber’s editorial

Source link Johnny Depp’s agent says the actor lost the pirate’s payday after Amber’s editorial

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