Johnny Depp fans aim for Amber Heard by degrading TikTok’s meme-National

Note: This article contains graphic and disturbing details and explanations. Please read at your own discretion.

In today’s online culture, almost anything can be the subject of mimeization, and the most notable domestic violence trials in recent memory are no exception.

After spending just a few minutes on TikTok, the platform was often mistakenly said to be a progressive, Gen Z-dominated space of activism and social justice, but the algorithm is a trending topic like Johnny Depp vs. May start to show to the user. Amber heard a defamation trial.

However, social media users may have a hard time finding content that supports Heard, even though their ex-spouse claims to be a victim of intimate violence. In fact, most of the content about the trial posted on TikTok seems to be a fierce opposition to hardware.

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Since the start of this trial last month, online Depp advocates have scrutinized and analyzed hard body language, movements and testimonies. At the time of writing this article, the TikTok tag #JusticeforJohnnyDepp has been viewed a whopping 101 billion times. This is more than the sum of #AmberHeard (8.4 billion views) and #JusticeforAmberHeard (37.2 million views), but most of the videos with these tags are still counter-hearing.

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Amber Heard tells the court of violence in the hands of Johnny Depp

According to Depp, Hard was an operational, abusive, and overly “ambitious” partner. He testified that she had abused him physically and mentally, and claimed that she had amputated his finger by throwing a glass bottle into his hand during the discussion.

Meanwhile, I’ve heard that Depp is an abusive person throughout their relationship, exposing her to physical violence many times. Some text messages from her Depp to her fellow actor Paul Bettany were also read aloud in court, and Depp wants his friends to drown, burn, and sexually pollute the hard corpse.

Click to play the video:'Johnny Depp claims that the text about burning Amber Heard's body was a reference to'Monty Python'

Johnny Depp claims that the text about burning Amber Heard’s body was a reference to “Monty Python.”

Johnny Depp claims that the text about burning Amber Heard’s body was a reference to “Monty Python” – April 25, 2022

Since last week’s hard testimony (blaming ex-husband Depp for several graphic instances of violence against her, including sexual assault that Depp claimed to have invaded her in a glass bottle), it has imitated, imitated and suspected. Her claim has become a tendency for Tik Tok to throw.

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Some users have posted their videos lip-synching Heard’s testimony. Others completely paraphrase, like user @sansanjovs, who ridiculed her then-hard description that Depp allegedly hit her. This video has 2.1 million likes.

Other TikTok users are working on fully implementing their hard testimony. This seems to prove the infeasibility of her recount. (The audio used in the clips below from @tomshipton has been cut and modified and will appear chronologically different from what Heard testified.)

Some social media influential people with a large number of followers, including Jessica Val Ortiz, who has 7.7 million followers, are in the position of a very public parent Depp.

Last week, Ortiz visited a court in Fairfax, Virginia, where court proceedings were taking place. When the actor left the court in his car, she had a small “Go Johnny” sign. She also photographed some gifts and letters thrown into Depp from the window of his car.

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Amber Heard testifies to allegations of Johnny Depp’s violence — “I’ve never been so scared in my life.”

Ortiz filmed the silence of the crowd when Haad left the court in her car. You can hear one woman calling Hard “lying” and “narcissistic.”

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Perhaps the most evil memory is Depp’s fan of posting unfounded claims about Hard, who took drugs at the stands, smuggled alcohol into court, and posed for crying photos. Is hinting at. Each of the following videos has over 1.1 million likes.

Some Depp fans also insulted Hard and, while denying her allegations, demonstrated their creativity to take advantage of the international interest and sight of the trial.

In a court battle between the two stars, both Hard (36) and Depp (58) are trying to prove that the other is a more toxic person. The first proceeding began in late 2018 when Depp filed a US $ 50 million defamation proceeding against The Washington Post’s editorial written by Heard on domestic violence.

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Heard did not mention Depp’s name in the article, but the actor claims that his reputation and career was still “ravaged” as a result.

I heard that he argued against Depp for $ 100 million.

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Johnny Depp fans aim for Amber Heard by degrading TikTok’s meme-National

Source link Johnny Depp fans aim for Amber Heard by degrading TikTok’s meme-National

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