John Stewart “dissatisfied with Americans” No public support for veterans: “This country can’t be broken this much”

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John Stewart supports former military personnel by complaining about the lack of public support of former military personnel.

At AMVETS’Rolling to Remember Rally in Washington, DC, Stewart, who defends the rights of veterans and first responders, asked, “Where are the Americans?”

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Anniversary weekend rallies raise awareness of the HR 3967, which respects the 2021 PACT Act, during its annual three-day motorcycle demonstration ride, and retires such as high suicide rates for former military and missing persons. It sheds light on military issues.

The PACT Act, which Stewart ordered Congressional action, specifically addresses “medical, service connection estimation, research, resources, and other issues related to veterans exposed to toxic substances during military service.” It is said that. ..

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Stewart was appalled by the small crowd and seemed to have problems with attendees, including only those with veteran rights and personal connections.

“People sitting behind me-I’m not here today and I’m not frustrated again. Looking through the crowd, I see the same things as veterans, their families, and caregivers. But here [are] American? He asked during the speech.

The former host of The Daily Show criticized veterans for their superficial, high-performance support. He said this would definitely show up in social media feeds.

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“This is Memorial Day weekend. Man, you’re going to read tweets this weekend. You’re going to look at the Facebook page and think for yourself.” Oh, does America love me? Boys, they love us. “Go to Apple Beads. They are going to give you a rib on your baby’s back. Probably 20% off, not 10% because of how much they support you, “Stewart said.

Comedians added that despite online support, actual actions among non-veterans are often overlooked.

“Still, we’re here today and are looking for American support. And what’s behind us? It’s a veteran organization. It’s a veteran. It’s their family. This country. Can’t be broken this much. If you can’t do a simple sh **, there’s nothing, “he concludes.

In 2019, Stewart was awarded the Bronze Medallion, New York City’s premier citizen’s honor, for his “continuous advocacy, inspiration and leadership” that led to the passage of the Victims Compensation Fund Act on September 11. I did.

John Stewart “dissatisfied with Americans” No public support for veterans: “This country can’t be broken this much”

Source link John Stewart “dissatisfied with Americans” No public support for veterans: “This country can’t be broken this much”

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