John Grisham Knows The Boys From Biloxi –

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John Grisham Knows The Boys From Biloxi

It’s always a delight to hear about John Grisham’s writings. And one of the gripping attractions of John Grisham’s novels is that the writer possesses a familiar and proficient understanding of the worlds and characters that capture his imagination. This fascination exists because Grisham has appropriated his expert knowledge of the legal into the literary and fictional, as offered in most of his bestselling novels. These books immerse us in the inner realms of judge and jury, crimes and criminals, and lawyers and the law. The legal domain is a professional landscape he understands with unwavering authority, permitting him to unpick legal knots with a literary flourish.  

The Boys From Biloxi is his latest novel. The title he has chosen for this absorbing tale of criminals and the underworld tells us that the accomplished novelist knows the leading characters in this novel in the same way he wrote about the other heroes and villains in his previous bestsellers. And naturally, his writing history tells us he should be skilled at creating entertaining literary products.

The Boys From Biloxi is a legal thriller that unfurls with the history of Biloxi, Mississippi, and its economy. The author centers his story around this vibrant community where he finds characters that animate the pulsating world of his fiction. Rich in a beautiful description of the merits and demerits of its setting, the opening scene in this novel is reminiscent of a fairytale atmosphere. Grisham writes: “A hundred years ago, Biloxi was a bustling resort and fishing community on the Gulf Coast.” Elsewhere, we are told, “A hundred years ago, the Gulf Coast became known as the ‘“the poor man’s Riviera.”’ In the following lines, we find a foregrounding of the conflict, contrasting characters, and sentiments that boost a well-conceived story, once again revealing John Grisham’s mastery of parts of speech and their deployment in entertaining storytelling.

A giddy world of crime and the law, The Boys From Biloxi, is a reader’s delight from its early chapter, where one finds a mafia that thrives on the proclamation, “thou shalt not snitch to the cops.” But what happens when this dangerous oath is broken? Well, lovers of John Grisham’s novels can find out when The Boys From Biloxi hits the shelves on October 18, 2022. Readers can delve into this novel, knowing that “what the Dixie Mafia had was a propensity for violence that often stunned the FBI.”



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