Joe Alwyn and Allison Oliver ask each other anything

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Joe Alwyn and Allison Oliver have many people talking to each other.

Alwyn and Oliver have appeared in Hulu’s new series “Conversations with Friends.” The co-stars sat down with IMDb, chatted and asked each other something. In their conversation, the two discussed Alwin’s Irish accent at the show.

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“There was a great conversation coach called Neil Swain and another coach, actually Judith Maxpaden, who helped me a lot,” Alwin said. “The type of accent is a South Dublin middle class accent, which is strangely pretty angry anyway. That’s Lenny’s place. [Abrahamson] from.

“But I’ve heard stories from many people in the area who are also actors like Andrew Scott, Tom Vaughan-Lolar. I did that and then I crossed my fingers, and here is.”

Co-stars also preferred to prefer the phone to text when talking to peers.

“Sadly, I think we’re writing a little more text than we’re talking on the phone,” Alwin said. “But I like to talk more face-to-face or on the phone. Not everything is an emoji.

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“I’m just like you,” Oliver said. “I like the phone. I feel like I was talking to someone at that time.”

“Conversation with friends” premiered on May 15th.

Joe Alwyn and Allison Oliver ask each other anything

Source link Joe Alwyn and Allison Oliver ask each other anything

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