Jesse Tyler Ferguson reveals “controversy” about “modern family” spin-offs

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Don’t look forward to the “Modern Family” comeback.

On Monday night, star Jesse Tyler Ferguson appeared in “Seeing What Happens With Andy Cohen” and was asked about rumors of a spin-off.

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“There was a debate,” Ferguson revealed. “I think the network was against it.”

“It’s the first time I’ve ever said it!” He added.

The “Modern Family” was premiered in 2009 and lasted 11 seasons until the big finale in April 2020, when the pandemic had just begun.

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Ferguson said he believes ABC wants a new version of the “Modern Family” with a more modern look.

“I wonder if this is the right family to tell this story,” said the actor. “I … we have been active for 11 years and I think they are ready to move in the other direction.”

In 2021, Ferguson tackled the possibility of spin-off, E! News, “There is no official. I haven’t been asked to do anything yet, so I’m discussing it, but I haven’t heard anything official.”

Jesse Tyler Ferguson reveals “controversy” about “modern family” spin-offs

Source link Jesse Tyler Ferguson reveals “controversy” about “modern family” spin-offs

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