“Jeopardy!” Chantea Roach wins 17 games in a row

“Jeopardy!” Champion Mattea Roach has proven that dozens of quiz clues can be easily overcome.

However, in addition to demonstrating great skills with the buzzer, this phenomenon had to be prepared for another challenge that could be difficult with each win. It’s about coming up with a fascinating anecdote for each TV episode.

This is a lesser-known result of dominating “Jeopardy!”. A category like 23 years old.

Growing up in Halifax and now living in Toronto, Roach has the longest Canadian streak of 17 wins and the eighth longest streak in the history of a quiz show.

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Host Ken Jennings, who turned to the “Jeopardy!” Champion, holds a record of 74 consecutive victories in 2004.

In an episode on Wednesday, Roach defeated her closest rival for just $ 1 after Final Jepady! Round. Ben Shea exactly doubled her total, both answering the final clues correctly.

Roach’s 17-day total prize pool is currently $ 396,182.

“It’s going to be difficult,” Roach said when he arrived by phone on the day of her episode 13.

“I didn’t see Ken run through when I was a kid, because I was five or six years old when that happened, but he must have really scraped the bottom of the barrel. It.”

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This personal information is usually taken up after the first commercial when the host Jennings or Mayim Bialik provides each participant with a few minutes to talk to the audience about themselves.

In past episodes, Roach threatened them with an explanation of her first kiss, crashed her mother’s car in the parking lot, and spit on a comedy show.

As long as she keeps winning, she will need more stories.

Roach said her parents helped create her material, but there are strategies to develop this personal information most effectively. When she first started appearing, she gave the show “intentionally boring and general content.”

“I didn’t want to play one game in a row, but the anecdotes in that game feel like I’m gasping and talking about what I can brag about,” she explained.

“But after the first four shows, taping was interrupted and I remember sending a text message to the producer who handles the anecdotes of the contestants. I need to provide better material. The first thing I sent you was really boring. And I promise it’s more interesting than this. “

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According to Roach, the show will provide athletes with a sheet of questions that includes prompts to inspire the story. Her first was about her most valuable possessions – her dad Jean from the 80’s.

At the time of the match on Tuesday, Roach had raised a total of $ 368,981.

She has also won a spot in the Tournament of Champions show, which airs in the fall.

This report by Canadian Press was first published on April 27, 2022.

– Use files from Nicole Thompson in Toronto.

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“Jeopardy!” Chantea Roach wins 17 games in a row

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