It’s a happy day when gift trucks arrive in Kelowna

Mobile gift-presenting units and temporary public art installations will soon take Kelowna by storm.

Created by the city’s 2022 Artist in Residence, Patrick Lundine will share his project HAPPY DAY FREE GIFT TRUCK this fall.

Lundeen is the third artist selected for the annual program and his theme is social inclusion.

The art installation is parked once a week in the afternoon at Rotary Arts Commons (between the Rotary Arts Center and Kelowna Art Gallery) from mid-October to late November. According to the City of Kelowna, the main function of the project is to provide Kelowna residents and visitors with free gifts to radiate good energy and discourage social isolation.

According to Lundine, gifts could come in the form of something to eat or drink, music, new valuable possessions, and/or unsolicited life advice.

“HAPPY DAY FREE GIFT TRUCK invites and encourages public engagement and social interaction,” he said.

The artist-in-residence program aims to broaden the community’s experience of arts and culture and stimulate thoughtful conversations on local topics, said Christine McWillis, the city’s cultural services manager. .

“While this program is not a live-in residency, the artists selected are required to work in Kelowna for the duration of the project,” she explained. “Each artist brings a unique perspective to our community and we are really looking forward to seeing Patrick’s vision come to life.”

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It’s a happy day when gift trucks arrive in Kelowna

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