Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Water Mist: $ 25 Discount-E!online

If you’re on the fence about shopping, check out these reviews from Sephora shoppers.

Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Water Mist Review

“I have very light skin (nc15). It’s not orange, it looks very dark, but it’s very natural,” said Tanner’s fans.

Another said, “I’m very happy with this purchase. I received a drop as a sample from Sephora and was so happy with the sample that I bought a value kit that included tanning water and drops. At first I was worried about water. It sounds so different-water ?! But I love it! Such a wonderful, cold glow. I followed the instructions (peeling and moisturizing elbows, knees, hands and feet) And that made a difference I’m sure. My tan wants to sing from the roof, but 5/5 stars! “

Someone else said, “I absolutely love it. I don’t use self tanner because I’m already olive and brown, but these days it’s very pale and I wanted to color it before my vacation. Is very easy to apply. It has no odor, looks completely natural and is not orange. I highly recommend this over Foam Self Tanner. “

Shoppers said, “It’s easy to use and it’s easy to use! There were no streaks or unevenness (I used mitts). The color is natural and doesn’t look like a” fake tongue “(anyway). I also tried it as a setting spray (according to Jules von HEP’s advice). To be honest, I was very nervous that it might not work, but I can definitely do it and it looks great without disturbing my makeup. If you need something quick and easy, water is the best choice. “

“First time self tanner user, or tanner era. I was nervous that my skin was very clean and looked like it had fallen into streaking or orange paint. But to my surprise, this was gorgeous. The skin became beautiful every time, and it lasts for 3-4 days when applied with a mitt, but it will last longer if you don’t do it because it’s exfoliating. ”

Fans of the Isle of Paradise said, “It’s the best self-tanner I’ve used. It always leaves a very uniform, streak-free tan. I have sensitive skin and I put this on my face without problems or breakouts. I will use it. “

“During the winter, it gives off a nice glow when it loses color. I love spray applicators and it feels like it’s all over my face. Don’t break your sensitive acne-prone skin.” The customer said.

Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Water Mist: $ 25 Discount-E!online

Source link Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Water Mist: $ 25 Discount-E!online

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