Is there any secret to being happy at work?

Adam Storr, a talented and employee well-being researcher at Excellence Canada in Toronto, says it’s one of the first things to start with understanding happiness.

“The definition of happiness I work with is basically a combination of three things that need to exist: satisfaction, involvement, and morale. In order for us to feel happy at work. , These three things need to overlap. “

Satisfaction is basically what we like at work, he says. I like my boss. I like my supervision level. “

Next is how a person feels about a job and that job.

“You need a deep meaning and some commitment to get the job done. That’s what we’re aiming for with all remote workers right now. That’s what they do for the job. It’s about getting people to find meaning and why. They’re doing what they’re doing, “says Stoehr.

Finally, morale is this notion that it is not what one person likes, but what people like as a team.

“Remote workers working in teams are basically what we all do remotely, but it’s difficult to establish that cultural and team sense. This is the third part of this. It’s the most fragile of the three. “

Answer to a question

So how can we improve these three areas? It all starts with people.

“We must shed light on our strengths and thank those around us because it is based on the phrase,” There is nothing good or bad. I think it will. ” When talking about the world around us, even in the last few years, it’s nothing but bad news. The last two weeks have been horrifying news about war, but if we can focus on the positives of the situation, our brains become real-life architects, and create our own happiness, we will be happy. ” Says Stoehr.

It’s about remembering the concept of silver lining, he says.

“I used to drive to downtown Toronto every day for three hours, but now I drive for zero hours.”

Next, according to Stoehr, is to modify your behavior on a daily basis and proactively perform random, kind behavior.

“Please be kind. Thank you for your notes, encourage email, buy your neighbors in a line of coffee —— there are lots of studies to support [that].. Gentleness causes the release of various chemicals, such as serotonin and oxytocin, into the brain. As a result, we feel happy, so they are acts of random tenderness and can last for a long time. “

A sense of solidarity

Many organizations hold social events through video conferences, which are good ideas for maintaining morale, but keep them short, says Stoehr.

“I don’t want to overdo it because I’ve been a little tired of zooming over the last few years. These events are valuable to the organization as they give me the opportunity to relax and share some of the normal life around the water cooler. .. [and] Such; they will help raise the spirit of the remote team. “

What about workers with long COVIDs? What can they do to make them feel acclimatized?

For business, it’s a good idea to show gratitude, especially to remote workers who may feel excluded from casual conversations in the office.

“Teamwork and collaboration are very important for happiness. Make sure people have that team sense and community sense … and that’s what people say,” Hey, we’re together in our new team. It’s one big team working in the near future, which happens to be a remote environment, “says Stoehr.

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Is there any secret to being happy at work?

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