Is it really bad to hold your breath when you lift the weights?

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You can spend most of your life without worrying about whether or not you breathe, but it’s easy to stumble as soon as someone tells you that you’re supposed to breathe in a particular way at the gym. When will you be out? when?Oops, i Hold your breath instead — is it bad?

Like everything else in the world of exercise Different recommendations for different people doing different things.. If you hear conflicting advice, don’t worry. Organize it.

NSDo you hold your breath What if you’re doing weightlifting?

Now, the first big difference in this question is between those who breathe when lifting and those who don’t.

I don’t breathe during most lifts. I spend most of my time in the gym doing big combined lifts such as squats, deadlifts, snatches and cleans.Me Please wear a belt For most of them.And i Support my core Work hard while I’m doing them.

The Valsalva maneuver is a powerful tool for these lifts. This is a fancy name for holding your breath and putting pressure on your torso. You probably did it in the bathroom at some point.

Between the belt, brace core and lung pressure, we do a lot to stabilize the torso and protect the spine from injury. This method also allows you to lift more weight than if you held your breath or did not hold your breath. Watch the competitive power lifter’s face turn red like a tomato during a squat. Then you can see that they are doing it. that too.

This is safe for most people, but for most safety reasons some people should not hold their breath when lifting. The Valsalva maneuver can temporarily raise blood pressure, especially if you maintain it for more than a few seconds, it can cause dizziness and darkening.American Heart Association recommendation Beginners and people with cardiovascular disease do not hold their breath when lifting.Valsalva too Not recommended during pregnancy, Because increased pressure poses a risk to the placenta. (you Personally Do not hold your breath while lifting. Talk to your healthcare provider. )

When using the Valsalva maneuver, each person holds his breath and exhales and inhales between the persons (for example, when standing between squats).

If you breathe while lifting the weight,What should I do?

First, not really error It answers how you breathe, but there are rules of thumb that will help you in most cases.

You will want to exhale at the most difficult part of the exercise and inhale when the exercise is easy. This generally means exhaling (lifting weight) during concentric contractions and inhaling (lossing weight) during eccentric contractions. If you forget, ask yourself which part of the exercise is the most difficult.

Let’s say you’re crouching. You can inhale when you are lowering yourself and exhale when you are upwards. The most difficult part of a squat, the sticking point, often referred to, is just after it begins to climb.

How about a deadlift? The hardest part of the movement is while you’re lifting the bar, so exhale there. You can inhale while lowering the bar.

Is it really bad to hold your breath when you lift the weights?

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