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Is fraud increasing as more people work from anywhere?

Nearly one in five Americans (17%) has seen or been contacted about a questionable job opportunity this year, according to an Allstate report.

“Job seekers are sometimes offered jobs on the spot and asked to pay upfront for work-related supplies. Once victims send money, that money is lost forever.”

About 21,600 fake business and job opportunities were reported in the second quarter of this year, according to the Federal Trade Commission. This cost the American her US$86 million loss.

An Allstate survey of 2,200 Americans found that more than half (55%) of Americans receive six or more fraudulent emails per week, and 36% of scam victims will receive an email in 2021. I am reporting that I have been deceived.

said Doug Kaplan, senior vice president of operations for Allstate Identity Protection.

there are bad candidates

Scams seem to come from all directions, but some new people joining an organization may not be who they say they are, potentially making a big difference to the company that hires them. It may pose a risk.

“If you bring in someone who is simply unqualified and unskilled, and misrepresented that they have the skills, it will quickly become apparent to the rest of the team. Forensic Disputes and Investigations, Financial Advisory Services.

There are also financial penalties for hiring the wrong candidate, said Chris Harper, CEO of ZippedScript, an education validation software service.

“The time that comes with training and commitments only makes you realize later that there are people you can’t trust. When people find out they are lying, it will affect the stock price. [and] you lose a lot of money

‘The problem is getting bigger’

Background checks are a valuable way to address this issue, but with the rise of remote work, more organizations are looking globally to save on labor costs, which introduces new risks. I’m here.

“Nowadays, it is very common to hire people across borders. Especially in the tech industry, the same employee that costs $150,000 in the US or Canada can be replaced in Malaysia or abroad. , because you can get the same quality of work … but then when you go abroad, background checks are a hassle, right?

With these new frauds emerging and undermining the credibility of both people and organizations, a major American financial services company recently accused the people it hired of failing to meet board standards. it was done.

Charles Scharf, CEO of San Francisco-based company Wells Fargo, recently asked employees to make necessary improvements and “fully understand how the guidelines work.” He said he would set aside the “diversity slate” policy to give leaders more time.

The New York Times reported the story, citing an internal memo sent by the CEO of Wells Fargo, which the bank later confirmed to Insider. The policy in question required at least half of the candidates interviewed for open positions paying $100,000 or more to come from “diverse” backgrounds, i.e. women or from underrepresented groups.

But according to insider reports, a former Wells Fargo executive said the policy led to offering “fake” job interviews to women and people of color.

Also, several current and former bank employees told The New York Times in May that they had been told to interview, or to arrange for, interviews with candidates who were people of color or women. , sometimes helped banks to demonstrate their performance in diverse recruitment activities.

With all these bad actors, who can you trust?

According to CG, a consulting and advisory firm, there are a few things employers can do to prevent that.

“It’s important that management engages with their employees and takes the time to get to know them. In many cases, a change in attitude can be a clue to risk.”

Fraud risk policy

Employers should also ensure that everyone in their organization is aware of their fraud risk policy. Business her leaders also need to continuously monitor and update their fraud detection strategies to ensure they are effective.

“Detection plans typically take place on normal business days. These plans take into account external information to link with internal data. The results of fraud detection plans should strengthen prevention controls.” said CG.

Is fraud increasing as more people work from anywhere?

Source link Is fraud increasing as more people work from anywhere?

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