InvestmentPitch Media Video provides Ximen Mining’s latest information on the licensing and activities of the 100% owned Kenville Gold Mine project in Nelson, Southeastern British Columbia.

Vancouver, British Columbia, March 16, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Ximen Mining (TSXV: XIM) (OTCQB: XXMMF) (FSE: 1XMA) provides up-to-date information on permits and activities for the 100% owned Kenville GoldMine project. Did. Nelson in southeastern British Columbia.

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Surrounding and extending from the Kenville mine, the company currently manages 20,749 hectares of mineral assets along 33 kilometers of fertile land. Ximen explores this package, which covers 25 historic past mines and 30 mineral outbreaks at the Nelson mine camp, to expand the Kenville deposits and discover new resources. In addition, drill permits have been set for California mine assets and applications have been filed for areas covering Star and Venus assets.

Ximen has been advised by the Ministry of Energy Mines Low Carbon Innovation that the proposed draft permit for mine development and underground drilling will be available within 30 days. The company then reviews the permit terms and either accepts the draft or requests a revision. If both parties approve, a permit will be issued. At the same time, an environmental emission permit will be issued.

The company will take further steps to connect the local grid to the mine power plant with a 600 volt line, install a 75 HP fan for mine ventilation, and install a mine air compressor to start operations with permission. Is being taken.

Christopher Anderson, President and Chief Executive Officer, said:With a development permit imminent, US $ 5,000,000 in funding for development, and additional financial support from mid-tier gold producers, 2022 should commemorate the launch of the Kenville Gold Mine. .. While the environmental impact of the Kenville gold mine is very small, it creates many expensive, influential and meaningful jobs for the community and the community. Once in full production, the spin-off of multiple economic interests in the region will help stabilize employment for years to come. We believe the Kenville Mine will be one of the most environmentally friendly gold mines in southern British Columbia... “

The Kenville Gold Mine, the first recorded underground mine in British Columbia, began production in 1890 and was mined in the 1950s. Past production records show that 12.8 grams per ton, or 0.37 ounces of gold recovery grade per ton, produced 65,381 ounces of gold from 158,842 tons of crushing. Management warns that these are historical estimates and that Ximen does not treat them as current mineral resources.

In 2009, a former operator conducted a detailed sampling at the 257 level of the Kenville mine, and based on the results, historic mineral resources were estimated, 16,289 ounces of gold in the measured and displayed categories. The category showed 356,949 ounces of gold. Significant additional diamond drilling was carried out between 2009 and 2012, identifying at least four new veins with potential strike lengths in excess of 700 meters.

In 2021, Ximen signed with Micon International Limited to review the available information and then identify two areas sufficient to upgrade existing drilling to estimate mineral resources. Micon recommended drilling an estimated 1,800 meters in 18 drill holes at intervals of 20 meters from the basement during the new decline. This drilling is expected to properly outline the material of the proposed bulk sample.

Ximen is a Swiss-based metal trading company and US $ 5 million in the form of a secured gold loan for the planned development of a 1200 meter reduction at the Kenville Gold Mine and the extraction of 10,000 tonnes of bulk samples. Negotiated term sheet. property. This gold loan is subject to the issuance of a permit and the completion of equity financing of $ 1.5 million.

Ximen also owns three precious metal projects in southern British Columbia, the Amelia Gold Mine, the Brett Epithermal Gold Project, and the Treasure Mountain Silver Project, which previously produced the Huldra Silver Mine adjacent to it. Currently, the Treasure Mountain Silver Project is under the option of an option partner not only funding the project, but also making annual gradual cash and equity payments.

Ximen shares are trading at $ 0.20. For more information, please visit the company’s website at and contact President and CEO Christopher R. Anderson (604-488-3900). For investor information, please contact Sophy Cesar (604-488-3900) or email (


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InvestmentPitch Media Video provides Ximen Mining’s latest information on the licensing and activities of the 100% owned Kenville Gold Mine project in Nelson, Southeastern British Columbia.

Source link InvestmentPitch Media Video provides Ximen Mining’s latest information on the licensing and activities of the 100% owned Kenville Gold Mine project in Nelson, Southeastern British Columbia.

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