InvestmentPitch Media Video describes GGX Gold and its 2022 drilling program at a 100% owned Gold Drop property in Greenwood Mining Camp, Southern British Columbia.

Vancouver, British Columbia, March 29, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — GGX Gold Corp. (TSXV: GGX) (OTCQB: GGXXF) (FSE: 3SR) plans a 2022 drill program with a wholly owned Gold Drop Property Was announced. Greenwood mining camp in southern British Columbia. The Gold Drop Property is located 3 km north of Greenwood and is located in a wealth of Greenwood mining camps. The camp has a long history of producing 1.4 million ounces of gold, 10 million ounces of silver and 700 million pounds of copper.

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A surface drilling program of up to 2,000 meters is scheduled to begin in April in the Gold Drop Properties of the North Star and Gold Drop mining areas, as well as in the Highland Valley and Ken Veins. GGX plans to excavate an estimated 1,500 meters in the Golddrop and Northstar mining areas to intersect the Golddrop vein near the workshop and track the structure to depth. Drilling that intersects the Dentonia vein from this area is also planned, and the Dentonia vein is expected to extend to the Gold Drop property in depth.

The historic Gold Drop and North Star mines, located east of Lake Jewel, reported production of 6,513 tons to 840 ounces of gold and 2,426 ounces of silver. The historic underground mine was developed at the Gold Drop Vein. Golddrop veins have been tracked on the surface and underground with a strike length of over 400 meters and an elevation range of approximately 80 meters. This is a very irregular vein that pinches and swells from a narrow quartz stringer to a width of 3.5 meters or more and is mineralized with galena, chalcopyrite, sphalerite, telluride, and pyrite containing a small amount of free gold. ..

The Golddrop vein is about 500 meters east of the Dentonia vein and parallel to the Dentonia vein. The Dentonia vein occurs in an adjacent property that is not owned by GGX Gold. The Dentonia vein, traced 1.8 km on the surface to a depth of about 200 m, was developed by four interconnected shafts at five levels up to a depth of 120 m. Total production is recorded as 124,644 tonnes to 43,354 ounces of gold and 258,973 ounces of silver. The Dentonia vein is predicted to extend deep into the Gold Drop property and will be tested by deep drilling from the surface of the North Star mining area.

Chip sampling performed at the North Star vein in 2013 returned results in the range 0.08-81.0 g / t gold and 0.4-427.0 g / t silver, with an average of 7 chip traverses of 8.78 g / t gold and 47.0. It was g / t silver. Over a width of 0.36 meters. The Ken vein is located approximately 860 meters east of the Golddrop vein and is exposed to two short addts in the narrow quartz vein.

The 2014 exploration trench exposed a discontinuous 0.30 meter wide quartz vein that collided northeast and sloped southeast, including pyrite, chalcopyrite, malachite, and galena. From this trench, two grab samples were collected that returned gold results of 0.51 and 0.81 g / t.

In 2017, grab samples were collected at the entrance to one of the historic edits. It consists of quartz pieces containing visible gold analyzed from 297 g / t gold. In 2020, chip samples collected across veins exposed in the vein analyzed 0.12 g / t gold.

The Highland Valley Vein is located in the southern part of the Gold Drop Property, about 1.8 km from the North Star Mine. Historical samplings from 1985 have been reported as 13.4 g / t gold over 1.2 meters. Two grab samples collected in 2020 returned 4.76 and 2.57 g / t gold from historic tunnel and pit areas that exposed two quartz veins 0.1 and 0.2 meters wide.

Management warns that historical records have been investigated but not verified by qualified personnel.

The stock is trading at $ 0.15. For more information, please visit the company’s website. www.GGXgold.comQuinn Field-Dyte, President, 604-488-3900, or send an email Or email for investors


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InvestmentPitch Media Video describes GGX Gold and its 2022 drilling program at a 100% owned Gold Drop property in Greenwood Mining Camp, Southern British Columbia.

Source link InvestmentPitch Media Video describes GGX Gold and its 2022 drilling program at a 100% owned Gold Drop property in Greenwood Mining Camp, Southern British Columbia.

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