Interviews for this week’s Hockey Canada Survey

Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly said Wednesday that the NHL’s independent investigation into the alleged Team Canada incident in 2018 is “ongoing” and the league will do a “thorough and comprehensive job.” .

“I’m hesitant to give a timeline because I don’t know how long it will take,” Daly told Elliott Friedman and Jeff Marek midway through the NHL’s European media tour in Paris. In a perfect world, we would love to have a final decision or resolution before training camp…but will that happen? and we’ll see where that leads us.”

Daly added that interviews are scheduled for this week’s investigation, and that so far the NHL is fully on board. Its participants were sued in the Ontario Superior Court in London, Ontario on April 20, alleging they were sexually assaulted by eight players after a Hockey Canada Foundation event on June 19, 2018. Including the woman who filed her $3.55 million lawsuit. Among them is a player who was on his junior roster at the 2017-18 Canadian Worlds, where he is mentioned as John Does 1-8 on the bill. (This issue has not been heard in court.)

Daly said the woman, who was mentioned as EM in a statement of allegations settled by Hockey Canada earlier this year, participated in “a sort of distinct way.” EM’s attorney Rob Talach previously said his client had submitted an eight-page affidavit with photos and text to London Police, Hockey Canada’s independent investigator and the NHL.

Jared Maples, a former CIA, U.S. Department of Defense and Homeland Security employee who joined the NHL as Senior Vice President and Chief Security Officer on June 7, 2021, is leading the league’s investigation.

A full interview with Daly can be found in a future edition of 32 Thoughts: The Podcast.

Interviews for this week’s Hockey Canada Survey

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