Intact Sunlife to support humanitarian efforts in Ukraine, etc.

“All of us in our collaborators are deeply concerned about the catastrophic humanitarian crisis and serious global consequences in Ukraine,” said collaborator CEO Rob Wesseling. “As a purpose-driven organization, we are responsible for providing assistance to people in the field and taking prompt and direct action to encourage fellow Canadians to assist in this urgent and serious cause. there is.”

“This is a very difficult time for many of our communities and our hearts are directed towards the Ukrainian people, our Ukrainian employees, and our broker partners in Canada and around the world.” Charles Brindamour, CEO of Intact Financial Corporation, said.

Kevin Strain, President and Chief Executive Officer of SunLife, said: “Our heart is directed at the people of Ukraine and all affected. We are deeply concerned about the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Ukraine and its surrounding areas. Our donations are , People affected by the crisis. “

The donation will enable the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies to meet the humanitarian needs of Ukraine.

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This new round of donations will be made after Desjardins Group and iA Financial announced their donations to the Canadian Red Cross earlier this week. Shortly thereafter, Gore Mutual continued, providing financial support to nonprofits.

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In addition to donations to the Red Cross, collaborators and Sunlife have announced that they will make additional donations for other purposes to support Ukraine. Co-operatives are working with Canada to provide $ 10,000 to the Canadian Co-operative Development Foundation to support women-led co-operatives on the ground in Ukraine. Meanwhile, SunLife-owned real estate investment management company Bental GreenOak has donated $ 50,000 to UNICEF to help children and families affected by the war.

Intact Sunlife to support humanitarian efforts in Ukraine, etc.

Source link Intact Sunlife to support humanitarian efforts in Ukraine, etc.

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