Intact confirms commitment to Canadian brokers

Intact’s direct operating premiums (DPW) increased 45% from $ 12,039 in 2020 to $ 17,283 in 2021, primarily due to RSA. This is due to the healthy organic growth of commercial lines. The company’s business combination rate in 2021 was 88.8%, an improvement of 0.3 points from 89.1% in the previous year.

According to Debbie Coull-Cicchini (pictured), Executive Vice President of Intact Insurance’s Canadian operations (excluding Quebec), there are many positive tailwinds for Intact in 2022.

“I’m very excited about 2022,” she said. Insurance business. “We are already keeping in mind that we will continue to carry out RSA integration so that we can offer the benefits of the acquisition to our brokers and the brokers to offer more to our customers. We are already rich in commercial offerings. And seeing great opportunities in new disciplines. Brokers will see the benefits as 2022 progresses. “

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Coull-Cicchini describes Intact’s acquisition of RSA and its ongoing integration as “a great story for both brokers and Intact,” and continues to be Intact’s broker partners for another year of the unprecedented challenge of 2021. Thank you for your support and business.

She states: “The more we look inside RSA, the more excited we are about what we can bring to brokers and their clients, but the acquisition is accompanied by uncertainty and the logistics of change and transformation. And the broker has supported us through this in a pandemic environment. Thank you for this support. “

Intact conducts broker surveys twice a year, and insurers measure broker satisfaction with their products, service levels, and systems. Despite the pressure of 2021, these all returned to positive. This also gives brokers the opportunity to identify issues and areas. Where the damage can be improved.

“This broker’s feedback is the backbone of our commitment to the 2022 broker,” commented Coull-Cicchini. “Brokers are very clear that they need a more comprehensive educational program to support their success. We are already doing that. They are of our online system and tools. We want more support and we are investing in it too.

“The broker also said he wanted to better understand our risk appetite and underwriting decisions. We have worked closely with the broker over the past 18 months to worry about the risk appetite resulting from the acquisition of RSA. Our risk appetite is constantly evolving-that’s the nature of the insurance business. We will continue to help brokers understand specific risk concerns and work together to identify potential solutions. I will do it. “

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According to Coull-Cicchini, the most important feedback the broker provided in the latest survey was that it values ​​and desires strong relationships with local underwriters, business development managers, and Intact management teams. ..

This is tied to one of Intact’s core strategies in 2022. Coull-Cicchini explains: There are people in local offices across the country who are empowered to make underwriting decisions. We are where our brokers are and where our customers are. It has been our strength for a long time, and we will continue to strengthen that strength in 2022. “

Another top priority for Intact in 2022 is to apply the lessons learned from the actual tests in 2020 and 2021 to improving tools and systems to keep the company implementing its digital strategy. According to Coull-Cicchini, the ultimate goal is to provide a digital strategy that facilitates transactions with Intact and provides the support brokers need to attract and retain their customers.

“Our challenge-a joint challenge for interacts and brokers-is to enable digital transformation around the customer’s journey,” she added. We’re talking about insurance apps or broker management systems. If the tool leads to a satisfying connected customer, the tool is doing its job. If the tool doesn’t contribute to a positive customer journey, work is needed.

“Given the structure of the insurance industry, brokers need to be an important part of a truly successful digital journey for customers. The redesign of our latest intact insurance app makes it a reality. Really in mind, we put our brokers at the heart of our customers’ digital experiences.

“Everyone knows that insurance is a business for people. In 2022, our commitment to brokers is to go back to the basics and focus on relationships, people and connections. If that’s right. , We are all ready for success. “

Intact confirms commitment to Canadian brokers

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