Insurance empathy index

and Canada insurance business Nick Cleatura, President and CEO of Panel, CNA Canada, said one of the most notable industry changes he observed during the pandemic was the significant Emotional Intelligence (EQ) among insurer colleagues. Said it was an increase.

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“During the pandemic, we all had to concentrate .. .. About the health and safety of our family, our colleagues. Ask people how we are doing now. When we hope they are healthy, “Creatura said. “We are not just as polite as we used to be. [before]Nowadays it really means that. “

“I sincerely hope that it is a permanent legacy of the pandemic. We all think it will be better for it, and maybe it’s out of this incredible and very challenging situation. It’s a silver lining. “

Creatura then said that while CNA Canada “has always focused on promoting a culture of empathy, collaboration and inclusiveness,” the pandemic has forced organizations to double their approach. We talked. The CEO, like any other insurance company, has CNA Canada adapting quickly to the situation, caring for its employees, maintaining connections between companies, and having everyone on the same page when using it. Said that you need to confirm. Company virtual tool.

“We learned some lessons. We learned [that] There is no doubt that people are as productive and productive as working remotely than they can in the office, “said Creatura, who recognizes the benefits of remote work, but still” There is a place. ” For personal interaction. “

“I think we all miss it,” the leader prefaced. “But we now know that we have more flexibility.”

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Insurance empathy index

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