Insurance Business Canada Awards Winner: “We wouldn’t exist without them”

The 2022 winners shared what made them stand out in a highly competitive field. And now it’s up to the sponsors. Without someone, such an important celebration would not have been possible.

Individual award

One of the highlights of the Insurance Business Canada Awards has always been this year’s Woman of Distinction Award sponsored by Steamatic Canada. Her Nancy Raymond, president of Steamatic Canada, explains why the company is so excited to endorse this award. I believe it is our duty and responsibility to promote female leadership in this industry. ”

(LR) Nancy Raymond, Celeste Power, Laura Pennings

This year’s recipient is Celeste Power, EVP of Strategic Initiatives and Advocacy at the Insurance Commission of Canada (IBC), succeeding Don Forgeon, recipient of the FIRST Insurance Funding of Canada Award for Lifetime Achievement in the Insurance Industry. increase. Effective January 1, 2023, he will become President and CEO of IBC.

Binita Jajiware Beatty, President of the Toronto Insurance Women’s Association, served as a judge for the Women of Distinction Awards. she said: ”

Amy Stiller (L), Underwriter of the Year, Vinita Jajware-Beatty

Another popular award was Young Achiever of the Year, sponsored by PAL Insurance Brokers and presented to JEM Insurance Group’s Reygel Robles. His family-run MGA, PAL, known for its event liability policy, has sponsored the Young Achiever of the Year Awards multiple times.

PAL Insurance Marketing Director Amber Morrison-Givens commented: come. Young people are the future of the insurance industry. ”

(LR) Matt Taylor, Reygel Robles, Amanda Erdelac, Amber Morrison

PAL Insurance General Manager Matt Taylor added: We are proud to support an up-and-coming broker who is leading the future of the industry. ”

Broker/Broker Award

The coveted Insurance Broker of the Year award went to Westland Insurance’s Tiffany Reider. She reflected on a “whirlwind” year when her family’s brokerage firm, Reider Insurance, was acquired by a national brokerage firm.

The award is sponsored by Cansure, a Vancouver-based MGA that provides property and casualty insurance solutions for commercial and personal exposures across Canada. Kansure President Cameron Copeland praised the work brokers are doing to “decode” and sell insurance across Canada.

(LR) Cameron Copeland and Tiffany Ryder

“Brokers are on the front lines of insurance,” says Copeland. “People need help because it’s a very complicated product and they only buy it once a year. You have to show up with your expertise and knowledge and really decipher what insurance is and why you need it. partner in risk management and customer education.”

Burns & Wilcox sponsored the Big Brokerage of the Year (over 100 staff) award presented to Billyard Insurance Group, also known as BIG. Tyson Peel, vice president and director of commercial insurance at Burns & Wilcox Canada, said it was important for MGA to “applaud our broker clients.” He added: “It’s our job to get business from them so that we can offer our clients services, policies and a range of solutions.”

(LR) Stephen Billyard, Cody Douma, Tyson Peel

Another MGA that sponsored Munn Insurance’s Brokerage of the Year (10-100 staff) award was XN Worldwide Insurance. Cesar Moufarrege, Managing Director of XN Worldwide Insurance, commented: they are important to us. We can’t do the work we do without them. we don’t exist ”

company awards

Westland Insurance Group sponsored the P&C Insurer of the Year award. This award is a hotly contested category each year. “We are thrilled to celebrate Aviva,” said Jamie Lyons, president and chief operating officer of Westland Insurance Group. [Canada] As the 2022 winner.

“We are in a very exciting and transformative time in our industry right now,” said Lyons. “For us as brokers, it’s not just the way insurers are adapting to the market, the way they’re working with brokers to add value to what their clients are doing, but also us as brokers and the community. I think it’s a really special time for us, in the industry.

“You can see it by looking at the nominees nominated tonight. A lot of companies are doing something very special. I am excited to see the department.”

(LR) Jamie Lyons and Court Elliott

The MGA of the Year award was sponsored by Armor Insurance and presented to Burns & Wilcox Canada. Armor Insurance CEO (and Leader of Change award winner) Sukhdeep Kang said MGA plays a key role in Canada’s tough commercial market.

he said: They are the backbone of the industry now. We all know standard insurers are changing and demand is shrinking, but these MGAs really help brokers. This is our way of giving back by recognizing this award and celebrating what the MGA does. ”

Advocis President and CEO Greg Pollock shared an important message after presenting the Advocis Award for Life & Health Insurer of the Year to Desjardins. he said: They have a big responsibility and it’s not easy to get it right. We consider this a very important award for the industry as a whole, as things are evolving, but also for the Canadian public at large.

Greg Pollock (center right) and Desjardins

“The pandemic has been a challenge for all of us, especially the healthcare system,” added Pollock. “But we have to do this [events like IBCA]This is relationship business. The old adage that insurance is sold, not bought, is true. Because people don’t always realize they need this kind of solution to help them in their future. We are proud to be a part of all this. ”

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Insurance Business Canada Awards Winner: “We wouldn’t exist without them”

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