Injured and sick veterans are unnecessarily struggling because the federal government is ignoring the recommendations, says the Ombudsman-nationwide.

Veterans Ombudsman have many sick and injured ex-soldiers and their families with federal support as the government refuses to act on the basis of more and more recommendations from her office. He says he is fighting unnecessarily for access to the service.

In an interview with the Canadian Press, Nishika Jardin could identify systematic barriers and inequities in the treatment of veterans and propose solutions on how those problems could be resolved. Said it was the mission of her office.

However, a retired Army colonel said the government acted on the recent reduction in the number of “thought-out” recommendations of lookouts to harm veterans with disabilities and their loved ones. increase.

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“It’s clear that over the last four years, the government has delayed the work needed to address the inequality we emphasized,” said Jardin, who took over his current position in November 2020. ..

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Since 2017, issues identified by the Watchdog office include long waiting times to see if veterans are eligible for the benefits and support of persons with disabilities. These waits were particularly long for women and Francophone who were injured while wearing uniforms.

Jardin also cautioned against the mistreatment of veterans’ families in June. Veterans’ families do not have access to mental health services unless they are part of the veterans’ own treatment plan.

“When veterans and military personnel serve, or when RCMP members serve, their families also serve and affect their mental health,” she said. “Family mental health, some of those stories are painful.”

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The office of Veterans Minister Lawrence McCaulejye has many of the government’s watchdog recommendations, including her request for veterans to fund a peer support program for victims of military sexual misconduct. Said that he accepted.

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“We also made recommendations to improve the mental health support of veterans and their families, improve compensation for sick and injured veterans, and launch veterans ID cards,” said Cameron, a spokesman. McNeil said in an email.

“We will work with the Ombuds and her office to improve the services and support we provide to veterans and their families, including further reductions in veterans’ processing time. , A top priority shared by both her and the minister. “

Jardin, the first woman to move the office title from the ombudsman to the ombudsman, is not the first to complain about what she sees as an inadequate government response to office concerns.

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Jardine’s predecessor, Craig Dalton, resigned in May 2020 after only 18 months of work.

However, according to a report released by Jardine at the end of last month, the trend has grown over the past few years as fewer and fewer recommendations have been implemented.

The government has implemented only six of the 26 still relevant recommendations made between April 2017 and March 2021.

These 26 recommendations provide mental health support to families, provide more equitable financial support and compensation to all disabled veterans, and veterans have been waiting for help for months and years. Focused on not being done.

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According to the report, these wait times account for 43% of all complaints received by the office and are the largest issue raised by veterans. That’s despite the government hiring hundreds of temporary workers to handle the outstanding portion of over 40,000 claims.

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Memorial Day in 2021: Canada Remembers – November 11, 2021

(The annual report did not include a government move to provide peer support for sexual misconduct that will be covered in next year’s iterations.)

Jardin, who had previously told the Canadian press that she had endured as long and frustrating as she waited for her claim, had no access to the physiotherapy for the injuries she received while wearing her uniform. Said that.

“Everything depends on making that decision about your disability claim so that you can be well, so you can reintegrate into your private life and move to new employment. “She said. “This is a struggle for many veterans, and my heart is on them and their families.”

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Last month’s series of Canadian Press outlined some of the challenges facing veterans today, including the unprocessed portion of claims that many are waiting for federal support.

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Injured and sick veterans are unnecessarily struggling because the federal government is ignoring the recommendations, says the Ombudsman-nationwide.

Source link Injured and sick veterans are unnecessarily struggling because the federal government is ignoring the recommendations, says the Ombudsman-nationwide.

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