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Montreal, March 15, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Imperial Mining Group Co., Ltd. (“Imperial”) ((((TSX Venture: IPG; OTCQB: IMPNF) Is pleased to provide investors with up-to-date corporate information and plans for the Crater Lake project throughout 2022.

Crater Lake Pee – Delayed work

Work on the 43-101 Preliminary Economic Assessment (PEA) on Scandium-Rare Earth Zone resources in the TG Zone (Imperial Mining Press Release – SEP 23, 2021, see Table 1) has progressed. Delays are expected to address specific challenges arising from various trade-off studies aimed at assessing the project’s CAPEX, OPEX and ultimately creating the optimal operational and financial model for the project. ..

Table 1-43-101 compliant resource quotation table

Category Cutoff NSR ($ / t) Tonnage (mountain) NSR total ($ / t) Sc2O3(G / t) Dy2O3(G / t) a2O3(G / t) Nd2O3(G / t) Pr2O3(G / t) TbFourO7(G / t)
display 110.8 7.3 413 282 66 66 606 596 160 12
Guess 110.8 13.2 386 264 62 569 573 154 11 11

Strategic metal marketing

Imperial marketing staff have worked with many corporate and university partners to develop new and innovative scandium modified aluminum alloys (AlSc) for use in manufacturing applications in the automotive, aerospace, offshore wind and defense industries. Has been advancing the R & D initiative of. As a testament to its efforts, Imperial was recently awarded a total of $ 3 million in program funding and R & D grants from Canadian and Quebec government agencies to support this effort.

Research focus is on EV and hybrid automotive battery boxes, automotive and aerospace structural elements, the use of AlSc in conventional heat exchangers, electric traction motors, offshore wind turbine blades and nacelle copper replacement wires, and AlSc powder. Has been applied to the use of. For 3D printed parts. The work currently underway with partner Eck Industries (see Imperial Mining Press Release – SEP 28, 2021) is at the heart of this effort. Imperial’s work with Eck in the development of new and innovative Scandium-aluminum alloys marks the beginning of the creation of a key value-added supply chain for Scandium (Sc). End users who issue significant off-take contracts are manufacturers of the automotive, aerospace, offshore wind turbines, and defense industries.

In addition, Imperial is exploring the market potential of Scandium Oxide Input Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC), which is currently patented by Bloom Energy ( This market is ready to show significant growth with the transition to carbon-neutral alternative energy platforms. As Bloom Energy’s patents expire soon, other potential manufacturers are considering expanding the market, especially considering that the development of Crater Lake will provide a geopolitically stable source of Sc for this application. There is likely to be.

The purpose of our marketing efforts is to secure one or more scandium off-take contracts with strategic partners before completing more advanced research on the mineralization of Lake Crater.

Exploration and development activities

The Definition Diamond Drill Program in the TG Zone (Northern Robe and Southern Robe) will begin in late June with the goal of completing up to 22 diamond drill holes at approximately 2,500 meters. A 50m drill hole spacing pattern is completed with the goal of converting previously estimated resources into the specified resource category. This revised resource allows Imperial to proceed with pre-feasibility (PFS) or feasibility (FS) investigations.In addition, further excavation of the Southern Robe has excellent potential for expanding mineral resources. Where the previous drill hole intersected the 113.9m grading 310g / tSc2O3 (See Imperial Mining Press Release – June 18, 2019).

Exploration drilling includes surface assessment of high-priority scandium-rare earth exploration targets other than the drilled TG mineralization deposits. Targets were identified during the evaluation of Imperial winter and summer drill program results, as well as previous geophysical and mapping survey results of the property.

Drilling will also take place on the north side of the Crater Lake Complex. Grabs and channel samples returned up to 9.28% niobium oxide (Nb2O5), 13.4% zirconium (Zr), 2.4% total rare earth oxides and yttrium (TREO + Y), and 3,020 ppm tantalum (Ta). rice field... This region is consistent with a wide range of TREO + Y, Nb, and Ta, up to geochemical and radiometric anomalies throughout the region of occurrence.

In the summer of 2021, Imperial collected 50 tonnes of bulk sample from known surface scandium mineralization in the STG zone for use in pilot plant research. In the fall of 2021, up to 18 tonnes were shipped to Sept-Iles, Quebec. The remaining 32 tonnes will be shipped to Sept-Iles, Quebec by the end of July 2022. This material will be used in pilot plant research to further test and optimize Imperial’s patent-pending metallurgical process methods.

In late fall 2022, new drillhole data from the summer program will be transferred to the consultant to revise and update the previous 43-101 resource estimates for the TG Zone. The mineral resource update converts all currently known estimated mineral resources into the specified mineral resource category. It is also expected that additional estimated mineral resources will be added to the Southern Robe in the TG Zone deposit area.

Metallurgical process development updates

IPG commissions a hydrometallurgy flowsheet development program based on a patent-pending (US Patent and Trademark Office provisional application # 63 / 265,176) two-step hydrometallurgy method for extracting scandium and rare earth elements at SGS Canada. Did. Launched on 31 January 2022, the program is partially funded by a $ 245,355 grant from the Quebec Department of Energy and Natural Resources (see Imperial Mining Press Release – February 8, 2022). ).

The flowsheet development program focuses on the following key objectives:

  • Further optimization of the mineral processing flow sheet by eliminating olivine, a non-scandium / REE-containing mineral.
  • To optimize the scandium / REE recovery circuit of the flow sheet, bulk treatment of olivine depleted Sc / REE mineral concentrate by a patent-pending high-pressure hydrometallurgy process produces sufficient primary leachate (PLS). increase.

The optimization work aims to improve scandium recovery, reduce mine operating costs, and reduce carbon dioxide emissions in Imperial’s metallurgical process. The optimization study, which began on January 31, is being conducted by SGS Canada and is expected to be completed by the end of the third quarter of 2022. The results of this work will help in the engineering design of the Imperial pilot program for the Crater Lake project in late 2022.

Qualified person

The technical content of this press release was reviewed and certified by Dr. Yemi Oyediran, Ontario Metallurgical Development Manager, and Pierre Guay, P. Geo, Vice President of Exploration.

About Imperial Mining Group Co., Ltd.

Imperial is a Canadian mineral exploration and development company focused on the development of technological metal projects in Quebec. Imperial is listed on the TSX Venture Exchange as “IPG” and on the OTCQB Exchange as “IMPNF” and has a proven track record of finding deposits in many metal products, with an experienced exploration and development specialty. Led by a home team.

For more information, please contact:

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Imperial Mining Offers 2022 Corporate Update, Canadian Business Journal

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