“I’m definitely going to have a tip on my shoulder.”

Montreal – Shane Wright revealed it as July’s Blue Sky Day in Montreal.

He wanted to go first.

He wanted to learn French.

He wanted to be a Montreal Canadian.

So when Wright was sitting and waiting with his family and friends … and waiting … and waiting again, before Yurai Slavkovsky, Simon Nemec, and Logan Cooley all got up from the bleachers of the Bell Center. Robbed their moments. This reminded myself that this was beyond his control.

“That is, obviously you imagine it in your head. You imagine your name being called first, going up to the stage and pulling the jersey, especially the draft in Montreal. And they are the first choice, “Wright admitted.

“I’m definitely going to have a tip on my shoulder from now on. Definitely a little more motivated. I’m always spontaneous. I’ve always pushed myself inward, but it definitely gives me a little more fire. Will give. “

Wright’s return to Bell Center must be a reserved TV.

Trust his confident outlook to answer a series of questions about his stunning things rolling down the ladder.

The latest members of Seattle Kraken talked about the possibility that he and 19-year-old Center Matty Beniers will offer an extended franchise in the future. He has been familiar with Paul McFarland Assistant Coach since the Kingston era. Frontenac, and the way he tried to be mentally prepared for what might happen on an unpredictable draft night.

“I just tried to stay as calm and cool as possible,” Wright said of his vibrant mind through picks 1-3.

“I was drafted by the NHL. I think I’ve achieved my lifelong goals. I’ve been drafted and realized my dream of becoming a great Seattle team,” Wright said.

“I went to a great city with lots of fans, drafted by a team of many potentials. Of course, you want to go first … but being in Seattle wasn’t happy. I wasn’t happy to be Kraken, and I’m really excited about the future of Seattle. “

Wright said he felt a little surprised that Kraken’s GM Ron Francis slipped into his lap. The 18-year-old boy had dinner with several Kraken scouts last month, but hasn’t been contacted by the organization since the combine.

The centerman wondered about the fit.

Montreal went with the big winger Slavkovsky because he had a deal with Kirby Duck, the center of young Chicago in his work. And New Jersey Devils chose Defensive Nemeck because he already had a young pivot with a high ceiling.

“I think these characteristics have led to the selection of centermen. Obviously, Kirby Dach is a high-end centerman and a well-established high-end NHL player. That’s what Montreal felt was the best bet for them.

The development of Wright, and as a result, his draft inventory was hit by the closure of OHL in 2020-21 due to a pandemic and a decline in his production.

Wright scored 39 goals in 58 Frontenacs games as a minor in 2019-20 and 32 goals in 63 games this past season.

This phenomenon dropped 94 points, but I wasn’t quite happy with the pre-draft performance.

“Far. No. This year was far from my best year. I believe I can get better,” Wright decided. “I’m not even close to my potential, so I think I have a lot to do.

“I made a lot of mistakes this year, experienced some mistakes and faced a lot of adversity in myself and in my game. But I think I’m still growing as a player. I’ve learned a lot about myself and a lot about my game and how to be the best player I can, so I’m sure it will improve. “

Let’s burn the fire.

“I’m definitely going to have a tip on my shoulder.”

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