iA Financial Releases 2021 Sustainability Report

Looking back on last year’s activities, the iA Financial Group has released the 2021 Sustainable Development Report. It looks back on the company’s initiatives and milestones in the areas of environment, society and governance (ESG).

In 2021, iA Financial reported that it was declared a “carbon neutral company” for the second consecutive year. The company released a total of 13,767 tonnes of greenhouse gases, most of which was due to the energy consumption of the building. To offset this, iA Financial has worked with Planetair to invest $ 187,600 in global environmental and sustainability projects such as the biomass project in Brazil and the biogas project in Thailand. Insurance companies are also committed to reducing GHG emissions per employee by 20% by 2025.

iA Financial also said it has taken a more proactive stance in combating climate change by adopting a three-part strategy that takes into account the following recommendations of the Task Force on Climate Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD):

  • Preparation and disclosure of positioning statements on climate change
  • Creating a Task Force on Climate Change to conclude the “For a Carbon-Free Future” project
  • Establish, deploy and implement an action plan to reduce carbon dioxide emissions

In terms of the diversity and inclusiveness of things, iA Financial said it undertook several related activities throughout 2021, including management training on how to overcome unconscious bias. The insurance company has also promised to appoint more women to senior management by 2025 at a rate of 40% to 60%.

The company also began including ESG components in senior management variable compensation in 2021 to meet the demands of iA Financial shareholders in 2019. This means that “there is an additional link between senior management compensation and the importance of client satisfaction,” the company said.

In its release, iA Financial also noted that in 2021 it donated more than $ 7.5 million to various social and community organizations in the areas of health and education.

iA Financial Releases 2021 Sustainability Report

Source link iA Financial Releases 2021 Sustainability Report

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