“I was shocked”: Vaccinated truck driver from Ontario was forced to quarantine-Toronto

Canada’s immigrants and permanent residents appear to be facing ongoing complications when they return to border crossings in the travel measures imposed in the light of the Omicron variety.

Ontario truck driver Nawas Khan said he travels a couple of times each week across the US border, transporting building fixtures.

However, Khan’s FAST card, which pre-customs clearance upon passage, has recently expired. This required him to drive to the United States in his personal car to update it. He was there for less than 45 minutes.

“I did an interview, I’m back on the Canadian side,” Khan said.

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When he returned, border guards told Khan that he had to be quarantined for two weeks, even though he was completely vaccinated.

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“I was shocked,” he said.

“You have to park your rig for almost a month,” he said. “I don’t think I’ve done anything wrong.”

As of November 30, Khan said no officers had told him. All critical workers must upload their vaccination certificate to the federal government’s ArriveCAN smartphone app.

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“Canadians who do not submit information via ArriveCAN are not eligible for tax exemption and may experience further delays at the border,” Federal Health Minister Jean Yves Ducos said at a press conference on Friday.

Still, there is confusion between non-essential workers and “technically unskilled” workers.

“Elderly people who have printed copies are forced to quarantine. Quarantine does not need to be quarantined if they have the ability to use the app. It’s just unfair,” defends the elderly across the country. Laura Tamblyn Watts, CEO of the organization CanAge, said.

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John Shields, a professor of politics and political administration at Ryerson University, said there may be a reason for this.

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“People have forged documents and confirmed that they were vaccinated when they weren’t actually vaccinated,” Shields told Global News.

“I think this is why the government said,’OK, we only use electronics.'”

Shield said this could lead to pre-vacation supply chain problems, as vaccinated key workers have been forced to quarantine.

As for Kahn, his truck is idle, full of undelivered products, fully vaccinated in quarantine, sitting and waiting for him to get back to work.

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“I was shocked”: Vaccinated truck driver from Ontario was forced to quarantine-Toronto

Source link “I was shocked”: Vaccinated truck driver from Ontario was forced to quarantine-Toronto

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