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I get paid to mentor video gamers.

Ryan Oldfield probably has the job you want. But coaching esports players is more intense than you might think. “We train on injury prevention, nutrition and step challenges.”

initial: I grew up in London, England. He was 8 years old when he got his hands on his first console, his PlayStation 1. Spyro the Dragon When Oddworld: Abe’s Exodus before school. The turning point came when I got my hands on a PlayStation 3.fell in love with call of duty 4I have vivid memories of missions crawling through the grass in ghillie suits.

education: I have always been an athlete, but esports has provided me with another opportunityCompetition urette. I performed well in his matchmaking lobby online against other gamers and was recruited to play on the team through his website called GameBattles.After all, I played professionally for money call of duty Teams such as TCM and Epsilon.To date, my total CoD Nearly 10,000 hours played.

How it was adopted: In 2014, he ended his professional gaming career with a degree in Economics. I used to work in insurance and data analytics in London and didn’t like the suit and tie lifestyle. In 2020, I spotted a post in Toronto for his coaching role in Ultras. CoD Teams, esports job site Hitmarker. My application included a case study on opposition strategy based on 2019. call of duty world league championship. got a job

Normal day: The gaming season begins at the end of January and practices are held Monday through Saturday at OverActive Media’s facility in Toronto’s Liberty Village neighborhood. (Tournaments are held across North America.) Starting with a meeting, through video replays he reviews matches against six players. Then shoot the bots in the practice lobby and have them warm up at the game station. Ultra head coach Mark Bryceland and I oversee gameplay and he uses CoDCast, software that allows us to see the player’s point of view, to provide feedback.

Required equipment: I have a dual monitor setup with the player’s live feed on one screen and Excel (for analysis) on the other. We also use EPOS headsets to communicate with players.

Work uniform: On game days, I wear the Toronto Ultra Jersey. There are many hoodies on practice days.

Workplace hazards: Players are susceptible to repetitive stress injuries to their fingers, wrists and joints. Train on injury prevention, nutrition and step challenges. This is due to sitting for long periods of time.

Biggest perks: I enjoy traveling. This year we went to Texas, Minnesota and Ohio. Last year we went to CoD Championship in Los Angeles. Fans lined up to take pictures with the players like celebrities.

Game day myths: Do not wear Adidas NMD sneakers. I wore those shoes during some severe losses, so there was a lot of talk of burning them.

as told to Duriti Gupta

This article appeared in the October 2022 issue of . McLean’s magazine.buy issue $8.99 Or even better, just subscribe to the monthly magazine $29.99.

I get paid to mentor video gamers.

Source link I get paid to mentor video gamers.

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