Hugh Jackman urges Bart to literally burn out the “Simpsons” system

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The Simpsons, with the help of Hugh Jackman, taught viewers lessons in American economic history.

At Sunday’s season finale, Jackman spoke to a janitor through the power of singing to help Bart Simpson explain the slow collapse of the U.S. middle class.

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Learning about the difficulties facing American workers, Bart sings, “What do you want me to do?” The Janitor of Jackman replies, “Burn it.”

“Well, I enjoy destroying things,” admits Bart, throwing his clothes on the grill and pulling out a match before Jackman stops him. It’s a metaphor. “

While Bert is taking off his pants, he doesn’t know what the metaphor is, thanks to America’s failed public education system.

In another scene, Bart went to work with his father at the Springfield Power Plant and commented: Homer did it. “

“He certainly is,” Jackman told him, “I hate bursting your bubble kid, but the job your dad has is no longer there,” in the United States. Before starting the song about the history of labor in the 20th century.

Former US Secretary of Labor Robert Reich participates in Jackman with great music. He explains: Stagnation of wages and a decline in the standard of living of millions of Americans. “

Musical numbers are also calling on everyone from Fox News to Facebook to create conditions for America’s decline.

“Facebook nourishes our horror / they are convinced we were great / when the gas was cheap and the men were white” The character that looks like Mark Zuckerberg is “democratic Press the button labeled “Death” and the crowd will sing.

A portrait of Tucker Carlson was also taken up, and he announced in Fox News that “Putin to the President”.

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On Twitter, fans applauded an episode that tackled the serious problem of the middle class’s economic stagnation with a lot of laughter.

Hugh Jackman urges Bart to literally burn out the “Simpsons” system

Source link Hugh Jackman urges Bart to literally burn out the “Simpsons” system

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