Hugh Bonneville states that the “Downton Abbey” franchise “runs the course.”

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The “Downton Abbey” star thinks it’s time to put on a bowler hat.

In a new interview with Hollywood ReporterHugh Bonneville talks about the production of the sequel to the feature film “The New Era” and why the television-to-movie franchise needs to end.

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“Obviously, the mechanism is still pretty much the same, but I think it’s especially the second catch of this scale,” he says of the sequel. “The second movie really felt like a movie to me, because [cinematographer] Andrew Dunn felt very gorgeous, especially when he was able to point his camera at the French skyline. “

Asked about rumors that the franchise might come back on TV, Bonneville says, my god, I had never heard of it. However, if there is, I think it will be a reboot. Origin story or something like that. So this kind of show has a clear appetite. “Bridgerton” has been a huge success. So, if you can catch the younger generation and enjoy the Flock people, choose it. But yeah, I think it’s very unlikely that we’ll be brought back as a cast. “

He adds: “It’s been seven years since we did the TV show. It was really nice to be back like these two movies, but like” Star Wars “, a whole new generation is everywhere. I think. “

But whether he’s interested in returning for a TV restart, the actor says. “I literally didn’t think about it. I can’t think of anything. I’ll never say. I’ll do anything with the right amount of money.”

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In fact, Bonneville reveals that he isn’t even sure if the third “Downton” movie is offshore.

“At a practical level, I think I’m running that course right now. I think it was a good time to quit,” he said at the end of the sequel. “I don’t know. I’m not going to guess the future again, but I thought for a while, in fact, yeah, why not, let’s continue. But I could make it a little thinner. I think there is. The second one was a lot of fun and I think it was a good note to end the story. And it feels like it can be done. The door is still open, but quit. I think it may be a good time for me. “

Hugh Bonneville states that the “Downton Abbey” franchise “runs the course.”

Source link Hugh Bonneville states that the “Downton Abbey” franchise “runs the course.”

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