How to wash Christmas stocking and other fabric decorations

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Maybe you’re the type of person who washes all stockings and other festive fabric decorations at the end of each holiday season before putting them in a carefully sealed container, so the next year is all ready.

Or maybe by the first week of January (or whenever you take your decoration) under) Rolling, you’re so tired and tired of seeing things, so throw stockings, Tree skirt, And put the pillow in the box and throw it into the attic.

If you are in that second category, you may be searching I’ve noticed that those holiday decoration boxes now look a bit dusty or dingy. But don’t worry. Most (if not all) can be washed.of Spruce article, Mary Marlowe Leverette explains how to do this. Here’s what you need to know:

How to wash holiday stockings

There are various materials for stockings, so Levelet breaks it down with the dough:

  • velvet: Stockings made of velvet should be dry cleaned with a professional cleaner. If it is wrinkled, do not press it with an iron. Traces of the iron sole plate remain as a permanent decoration. Use steam to lift the fibers and a soft brush to silky the fibers.
  • Needle tip: The stockings on the needle tip were beautiful and it took a very long time for someone to make them. To lighten the color, vacuum with an upholstery brush. If it is dirty, take it to a professional dry cleaner.
  • Cross-stitch: Cross-stitch is usually done on hand-washable fabrics. Be sure to test the thread’s discoloration resistance before continuing.
  • Felt: Felt stockings also need to go to a dry cleaner. Felt tends to shrink and fade and should not be saturated with water. If the stockings are decorated with sequins, beads, etc., any kind of cleaning can destroy the design if the decorations are glued. Please continue with caution. To remove dust, place the stockings in a mesh bag and tumble in a non-heated air cycle dryer.
  • Knit or crochet: These stockings are the easiest to clean. Hand wash with warm water with a mild detergent like a sweater. Please rinse well. Do not squeeze the water. The cloth stretches. Dry it flat and transform it to the correct size.
  • wool: Wool-woven stockings can be hand-washed in lukewarm water or sent to a professional cleaner. Dry flat and press with a press cloth if necessary.
  • quilting: Quilted stockings should be hand-washed in cold water to prevent fading and color bleeding. Rinse well and dry flat.

Christmas tree skirt

Ideally, the stains on the Christmas tree skirt should be spotted. The most common are dirt / dust, sap, animal urine, and water spots. Levelet says-Immediately. However, if that doesn’t happen, gently scrape off any hard / hardened dirt (such as candle wax) with the edge of a dull knife. Then saturate the stain with cold water in a spray bottle and wipe it off with a clean white cloth. And while it may be attractive, don’t rub the dirt (it can damage the fabric).

Once that’s done, if the fabric is washable, go ahead and follow the instructions to wash it. If it is covered with beads, appliqués, sequins, etc., it is recommended to bring it to a dry cleaner.

Holiday throws, blankets, pillows

For most of these, whether hand-washing, popping to a machine, or dry-cleaning, all you have to do is follow the cleaning instructions on the label.Check if the cushion has a removable cover and if so, follow the instructions..

If you have a decorative pillow that is embroidered or decorated, otherwise There is a removable cover, Levelet is recommended Refresh them By arranging them In a dryer mesh bag in a cool setting.

How to wash Christmas stocking and other fabric decorations

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