How to use the spring foam pan (and what to do if you don’t have the spring foam pan)

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When it comes to commercial tools, the kitchen is the weirdest room in your home and may have a lot of weird gadgets. From rasps to fabric hooks, each serves at least one essential purpose, and some tools serve many purposes. Few things I like more than finding multiple uses for what’s already in the cupboard.

Some of my all-star players include Dutch ovens, immersion stick blenders, and spring foam pans.For those who have never heard of Spring Foam, or who think it is a single purpose scam— Definitely Time and place for this humble wonder. You definitely need to make space for one in your cabinet, but if you haven’t bought it yet I have some workarounds.

What is a spring foam pan? Why do you need it?

Spring foam pans are tall metal cake pans with two very important functions. An expandable side ring controlled by a fake bottom and latch. When you open the latch, the ring performs what it sounds like, and the “spring” opens and expands. A ring that was once 9 inches in diameter Up to 10 inch.

You may be wondering, “What the hell would I do with that?” And I can sympathize. I used to be like you. TAfter reading the cheesecake recipe to the end (luckily), I realized that I should give this a chance.Spring foam bread is perfect for loose and delicate foods that are missing structure Or it can be easily damaged. The expandable aspect allows you to release the finished product without much tampering. Unlike regular cake buns, where you need to turn over to release the cake, the fake bottom provides a loophole. REspecially suitable ecipes Includes spring foam pan Cheesecake, mousse or whipped cream cake, deep plate pizza, tall quiche, Or something with a decorative top.You are anything Basically, I don’t want to turn it upside down Must be baked in a spring foam pan.

How to prepare for the success of Spring Foam

However, this is not a universal situation. You can bake different types of cakes with spring foam, but there are some things you can’t handle. Since the spring foam pan has two parts, basically the pan always has cracks.The fake bottom snuggles up to the groove at the bottom of the ring for a tight fit, but regardless of model, there are always seams that batters can make leaking. A horrifying mess in the oven.

To make sure you don’t have to Dramatic oven cleanup, you can employ some safety devices. Use the pot as a mold for cold, thick parts that do not need to be baked. Strawberry shortcake, Or an icebox cake with carefully placed fruit and whipped cream, You can put it in the fridge and put it in the mold until you’re ready to take it out. If you are preparing a freshly baked dessert, do not pour the liquid-y puts the batter in the spring foam pan. If you really need to use thin padding, make sure the crust or other layer is blocking the fake bottom. Otherwise, there is a risk of immediate exudation.

Use a layer of regular freshly baked cakes such as: this Charlotte, You can block the seams at the bottom and add a little texture. Cheesecake Is commonly baked in spring foam breads, and many bakeries effectively use graham cracker crusts to block bread cracks... For cheesecake baked in a water bath, tearing the pot is a double problem. The contents may leak or water may leak. To protect the dessert Wrap the outside of the pot With two layers of foil to keep Water after entering.As a final safety measure, always place a regular seat tray under the spring foam pan like an oven Last line of defense against leak.

What to do if your recipe requires spring foam bread But i don’t have

Even if you’re in a pinch and don’t have a spring foam pan, there are several options. Can this be changed to bake in a pie plate or cast iron skillet?The recipe may need to be scaled down a bit, and obviously less dramatic, but cheesecake, quiche, and Deep-dish pizza works well with either of these containers and can cut the surface directly without compromising the finish.

Want to sacrifice a tall, towering dessert drama? I also have a hack for that: Completely line the parchment paper in a regular cake pan, as The Kitchn does with this Basque cheesecake, Or use a foil sling as does with this Deep plate quiche.. When the bake is completely cold (or chilled in the fridge), use overhanging paper or foil to make it easier to remove cakes, quiches, and other baked goods from the pan. Keep in mind that this method will leave creases and dents on the outside of the finished dish, which can give it a rustic look.

For a sophisticated dessert with perfectly smooth sides like a mousse cake Or a towering, silky New York-style cheesecake, Use freezing technology. If you use this method, plan 24 hours in advance. Moderately butter the cake pan and bake or shape the cheesecake, Bavarian mousse cake, or quiche lorraine as usual. After cooling to room temperature (Or immediately if it’s a mousse) Put it in the freezer and leave it overnight.

one time frozen individual, Can be turned inside out on a plate or wire rack. To release an impressive piece, melt the butter layer between the metal and the frozen tasty blocks. This can be done with a hair dryer or blow torch (no industrial strength required. One of those little things you do with Brulee), move Steadily rotate around the bottom and sides of the pan until you hear the dessert fall. Be careful not to hold the flame (or nozzle) in one place for too long. This is because it can distort the pot, melt the mousse, and burn spots on other items.

If you don’t have a hair dryer or blow torch, you can use the gas stove flame in a lower position.wear Oven mitt, Carefully grasp the top of the pot Gently move the cake pan over the flame a few inches and tilt it to warm the sides.Turn it over to a plate on a regular basis to see if it’s ready release. If it is not loose, try again.

If you don’t like the open flame, pour 0.5 inches of boiling water into a large, shallow pan and place the cake pan in it. About 1 minute. Lift it up, let it dry immediately, and flip it over on a plate. Repeat this process as needed until it is released. Once released, it freezes enough to be picked up and placed on a plate, cake stand, or other two-tiered cheesecake. Put the freshly frozen delicious food in the refrigerator and thaw it for about 8 hours.MeFor delicious food, wrap it in foil Warm men The oven just before serving.

If you want to take your usual cheesecake pie to a new level, or if you want an entremet challenge British Bake Off Show??— Purchasing Spring Foam Bread will definitely enhance it Your baking arsenal.Sure, there are ways to avoid absenteeism Spring foam pan, But they are expensive About $ 12, and you deserve a treat.

How to use the spring foam pan (and what to do if you don’t have the spring foam pan)

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