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How to use resistance bands without hurting your hands

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Resistance bands are versatile, portable and heavy enough Resistant to a variety of exercises, it’s a worthy addition to your gym bag. Unfortunately, one of his best style bands is the long, sturdy type without handles. This means that it can be difficult to grip.

While you may be tempted to buy just the bands with handles, you can use them with barbells, stretch them across racks, or use them to assist with pull-ups and dips. So finding a solution to keep your hands comfortable while using these bands may be a better option than buying another band.

use gloves

I usually don’t like wearing gloves in the gym because bare hands can increase your grip strength, but this is one of the cases where gloves really make sense. Consider a pair of regular work gloves or gardening gloves, as they may not provide adequate protection.

use a towel

A simpler solution than bringing your own gloves is to wrap a towel around the grip of the band. This can be a little noisy, especially if you’re doing bimanual exercises that require her to wrap two separate areas of the band, but the convenience of avoiding the extra equipment may be worth it. not.

Use hook style or fat grip handles

Wouldn’t it be great if there were handles that you could pop into the band for the exercise you needed and then remove them later? There are products made by These hook style handles.

Or use a fat grip. (Fat Gripz is one brand name of his, but there are other products that do the same thing.) Typically used on barbell or dumbbell handles to make the handle wider and engage more of the forearm muscles while gripping. give a task. upon. But it easily slides into anything you want to hold, making it the perfect grip for a resistance band. This video shows.

How to use resistance bands without hurting your hands

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