How to shop smarter (and buy the clothes you actually wear)

Here’s how to make a wardrobe full of staples that you’ll wear over and over again over the years.

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Fashion is the main cause of carbon emissions. The best thing we can do for the planet is to reduce consumption, but eventually we need to change clothes. How gentle are you.. Here are four tips to keep in mind the next time you go to the store and shop wisely.

1. Find what is missing

Slow fashion influencers before heading to the store Alyssa Beltempo Instead of buying more of what he already has, he says it’s important to identify the holes in the wardrobe. Then create a shopping list that contains what you need, not just what you actually need. “It’s okay if you want something. It’s not a bad thing!” She cautions. Life is also important. If it’s a trendy item, ask yourself if you like it enough to promise to wear it if others go ahead.

2. Think of your reality

One of the most common mistakes is to make a purchase decision based on what your work looks like on its own, rather than how it works with what you already own and how practical it is for your lifestyle. am. Beltempo recommends visualizing how the item helps to stretch the wear of the pieces already hanging in the closet. “Ask yourself,’Can you make at least 3-5 new outfits in that one piece?’” She says. Budget is also important and an item that reflects your style and values. Worth saving to buy.

3. Bet on quality

The first thing Beltempo sees is the fabric. Natural fibers such as cotton, linen and wool are ideal, but blended fabrics are more common. Beltempo suggests looking for a ratio of 75% or more of one material in the entire blend for higher quality. Examine the structure of the garment: does it feel sturdy? Are the pockets, zippers and buttons reinforced? Is the hardware solid? Are the inner seams clean? All of these are signs of high quality clothing that will withstand the challenges of time.

4. Buy second-hand goods

Online resale platform including Facebook Marketplace, Depop When Posh markA great resource to find stylish Beloved work.. Unlike thrift shops, you can filter by size and style. “Use the search feature to narrow down to colors, fabrics, and anything else you’re looking for,” says Beltempo. She also recommends sticking to your shopping list: “It’s easy to end up with over-shopping, and even if it’s used, over-consumption is still over-consumption.”

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How to shop smarter (and buy the clothes you actually wear)

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