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How to save money by “churning” streaming services

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Like most people, you probably subscribe to too many channels (that too There are many) streaming services, and each one has shows you don’t want to miss.With soaring prices across the board, the cost of keeping up with all our favorite shows and movies is getting out of hand, but none of us are going back. traditional cable tv. If you want to save while still watching all Your favoriteit’s time to implementChurn Law”.

How to apply churning method to streaming service

Subscriber churn is commonly used semester-over there screenStreaming services use this metric to measure how many users leave the platform or unsubscribe. However, if you know you won’t be using your streaming service subscription, you can unsubscribe or pause using this method.

Let’s say there’s a two-month gap between Marvel shows on Disney+. Or say he has a 12-month waiting period before Ted Lasso returns to his Apple TV+. If you know you don’t want to watch anything else on these services, you can cancel your subscription until the shows you’re interested in come back.

The goal here is to minimize the amount of money you spend streaming while maximizing the number of shows and movies you want to watch. We need to know exactly what will debut on the platform.

what and how to track you want to see

First, find out when the movie or TV show you want to watch will be airing.It’s easy with movie Or a show that drops all episodes at once because you only need to take notes for one day. For shows that air over several weeks, things get a little more complicated. Note the start and end dates if you want to watch the entire series at once.if you’re okay If you’re going to fuss later (if you can avoid spoilers), you can subscribe to the streaming service once the season is over.

Of course, you may be tracking multiple shows on different platforms, so you’ll want to keep track of all the dates.you can add it Track using the Calendar app, Siri or Google Assistant, or watchlist service or app — sSomething like just look helps you keep track of movie and TV show release dates and lets you mark content to watch as you progress.

unsubscribe and resubscribe

your specific DANCE SUBSCRIPTION AND UNSUBSCRIPTION depends on your personal Watch list-and the time you really need Binge the whole new season of Better Call Saul. Referring to the calendar, be Aggressive to unsubscribe.If you want to continue the streaming service for only one month, unsubscribe immediately. You can continue to access your service until the end of the month and have one less thing to remember at the end of your billing cycle.

Add a calendar reminder if you plan to subscribe to the service for several months When it is supposed to cancel a service (and start a new one).


How to save money by “churning” streaming services

Source link How to save money by “churning” streaming services

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