How to remove stains on a wine glass

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Drinking wine is fun — a classy kind of fun — and nothing spoils the classy fun like dirty little stains and spots. If you are serving wine to friends, family or Nemesis, you need to make your glasses shine. After all, I need to maintain a (very specific) reputation. (I may not think society is “classy”, but I pretty.. )

How did these stains get there? not sureHowever, they must be defeated, disappear, and banished from my view. Guests don’t even notice the dirt, they notice it, and at night they get hooked and focus on the glassware when they should look at their faces and words. Fortunately, there is a very easy way to get rid of nasty little spots and dirty fingerprints from your stemwear: steam.

This hint is Food52However, steam is the way most restaurants and bars shine glassware (although there is usually a large way to steam a lot of steam at once). The method at home is easy. Bring water to a boil, catch the vapor of the glass, and polish the glass with a microfiber cloth.

So what happens to this? Line up the glassware just before the guest arrives. Turn on the kettle or put water in a pot and bring to a boil. When the water boils, drain it. Then hold each glass on the stem and turn it over on water enough to steam the glass (if you don’t have a stem, be careful not to bring it too close to the steam). Then grab and polish a freehand, soft and clean microfiber cloth. When there is no steam left in the glass, you will know you are done. Repeat with the rest of the glassware to see the brilliance and brilliance.

Once your glasses are shining, your only challenge is to keep your lipstick away from yours for the rest of the night. (Fortunately for you, I Tips for that, that too. )

How to remove stains on a wine glass

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