How to recognize when you are in an emotional problem (and what to do about it)

The word “affair” reminds us of a burning passionate physical affair, but not all affairs are direct attempts. Some are emotional matters and, unlike their physical counterparts, can be difficult to identify. Are you too personal with your colleagues? Are you making an excuse to meet your child’s cute teacher?Othersn Are you approaching you, even if either or both of you have an existing relationship?

If you’re hooked up, you can easily tell that you’re having an affair, but the emotional ones have gray areas. After all, having close friends outside your romantic relationship is not a crime. Here’s how to check if you’re participating and what you can do about it.

Evaluate existing relationships with partners

Get a little closer to the house before you try to get rid of the complexity of your potential emotional affairs and everything that goes with it. How was you and your major partner these days? Do you feel satisfied and happy with your relationship?

Just because you’re not in full fight or on the verge of divorce doesn’t mean you’re happy, but especially if your current partner is generally pretty good. , It may be difficult to admit or admit that something is wrong, not a perfect monster. You may not want to abandon your entire partnership for one reason, such as lack of sex or constant disagreements about parenting. It can prevent you from pursuing a more fulfilling affair and lead you in an emotional direction. throw.

“Now I’m on the other side, so I can be more aware of the signs that lead to it,” said DJ, a Great Plains female in her thirties whose husband was still involved in emotional problems. I did. For obvious reasons, she refused to share her name. “My mother-in-law has moved, and she and my husband have drinking problems. I started to feel like a tricycle in my house. All my decisions were constantly being scrutinized. I was uncomfortable, anxious, and lonely. I didn’t talk to my husband about it. He thought he would understand how miserable I was. He didn’t. “

Understand how you feel about someone you may be emotionally cheating on

It’s time to take a critical look at what’s happening in your main relationship and then analyze what you’re wondering if you’re in an emotional problem. Think about how you feel when this person’s name appears on your phone, or when you see them. If you feel a clear unrequited love, like a butterfly in your stomach, be honest with yourself. It’s a crush. It has a romantic atmosphere. I will own it until then.

The crash is normal and not a big deal. NS Incident, event Some come in when you start looking at others for emotional support or verification that you should probably be looking for from your real partner.

A fairly big danger signal is when you are discussing a very personal or sexual topic with this other person. It was the first sign that DJs were embarking on emotional affairs.

“We were talking for a few weeks, and I was out of town for a wedding, and I drunkly asked him if I thought I was pretty. From there things were hot It’s become a bit ridiculous, “she admitted.

Emotional things, like anything else, are not all But about sexual satisfaction. When you rely on someone else for support, conversation, or egoboost, it’s clear that you’re anxious for it and probably don’t get it from your main partner in life.

“We had a great conversation again,” said the DJ. They talked about the work of another man, her dream of returning to school, politics, and what she felt she couldn’t talk to her husband at the time, like their favorite movie. “We knew we were married and didn’t want to leave our spouse, but we needed something other than marriage.”

If you have an emotional problem, do the following:

If you find that you are facing an emotional problem, it’s up to you — and you have several options. Keep in mind that you can keep sneaking around, send text messages, talk to someone who doesn’t know if you’re actually connecting, or hide everything, but you can gradually feel guilty. Please give me. Emotional things can feel even more intimate than physical things. Hot water bottles make everyone slippery and comfortable to touch, but the ongoing conversation of revealing secrets and receiving emotional support is a deliberate and unique depth. The longer it lasts, the worse you feel and the more likely you are to get hurt.

To that end, you are honest with your partner Propose an open relationship Or tell them what’s missing in the current arrangement and what they need to do for you that they aren’t doing. You can also disconnect others and try it alone on Main Squeeze. It’s up to you, again, to tell your main partner what you did after you’ve done things with others.

The DJ ended her emotional event and never told her husband what had happened behind him, but admitted that it was difficult. To be honest, I still miss those conversations. “

The best you can do is to slacken yourself a little and underlie the reason for seeking the emotional support of others. Don’t hit yourself. You obviously needed something you didn’t get.

“I know I need to talk to my spouse if I’m not good at finding conversations on my spouse’s device. My husband and I need to learn how to communicate and listen to our needs. And sometimes your relationship won’t work and that’s okay. I don’t think one person will meet all your needs, “said the DJ.

How to recognize when you are in an emotional problem (and what to do about it)

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