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How to really tell if your headphone volume is destroying your ears

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if you have listen to music on iphone If you’re using headphones, you’ll see a pop-up notification “Volume down. You have exceeded the recommended limit for audio exposure based on your headphone usage over the last 7 days. ” But what teeth Recommended Limits – How are you supposed to know if the earbuds are too loud, anyway?

It’s not easy to know, but you should know. According to Harvard Medical SchoolThe ear contains thousands of cells, some of which have tiny hair-like structures that transmit sound from the ear to the brain., affects the transition of that note. Simply put, hearing too much noise can damage your hearing.

How noisy are you?

yale university charts Here are some examples to help you understand how decibels work. For example, a quiet natural area without wind has a noise level of about 20 decibels. There are about 55 in a home refrigerator. The dial tone on the phone is around 80. Of course, all of this depends on how close you are to the noise source, but that’s also what makes headphone exposure so intense.he has earbuds or headphones right there (or in) your ears.

T.he The World Health Organization has issued guidance They say 80 decibels 40 hours a week is acceptable for “safe” listening, but anything higher in decibels You can listen with confidence. WHO also states that most personal audio devices output in the range of 75 to 136 decibels.

How to check if your headphones are too loud

Your cell phone can tell you a lot about how loud your music is. For example, if you open the Health app on your iPhone, you’ll see a lot of data related to decibels. This week I was exposed to 100 decibels of music for 43 minutes. My average is 71 to 102 decibels, not great long term. Hearing.

good people of headphones Here’s a quick list of ways to tell if your headphones are “too loud” without having to deal with cumbersome and confusing decibel numbers. They include:

  • After a 2-3 day break from headphones, put on some foam earplugs and head to a quiet place. Wear earplugs and focus on your hearing. A light ringing is heard, which is the baseline level. Use headphones the next day and repeat the test in the evening. If the ring is louder than it was at first, your headphones may be too powerful.
  • Hold the headphones in front of you at arm’s length while music is playing. If you can hear music from that distance, your headphones are too loud.
  • Be proactive in keeping the volume of your audio device at about 60% capacity. If you keep turning up the volume, you will get used to hearing it loud.

If you experience symptoms such as ringing or clicking, Tinnitus, difficulty hearing in noisy venues, hearing muffled sounds, or an increased need to keep the volume up may be early signs of hearing loss. Don’t forget to consult your audiologist and keep the music volume down.

How to really tell if your headphone volume is destroying your ears

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