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How to prevent the HVAC filter from getting dirty very quickly

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If you replace the air filter in the furnace, it is expected that the old one will be dirty. But suppose you make regular scheduled switches and find that your old filter is not only a little dirty, but completely dirty.And it’s not as if you left more time Somehow I got it dirty in a relatively short time between filter changes.

Here are some of the reasons why the HVAC filter gets dirty so quickly and what you can do to prevent it from recurring.

Your house is very dusty

Whether you cleaned the room thoroughly or were in the process of a refurbishment project Things that disturb (or create new) dust Send it more into the air, and Air filter in your furnace.

Solution: Try vacuuming More often. The dust and dirt that the vacuum cleaner sucks up means that the amount that reaches the filer is small.

HVAC system settings are incorrect

For most thermostats Two fan settings: “On” and “Automatic”. When “automatic”, the fan will only rotate when the HVAC system is actively heating or cooling the house. However, it always runs when you switch to the “on” setting. This means that the air will continue to pass through the filter, which increases the likelihood that the filter will become dirty.

Solution: Switching the thermostat to the “automatic” setting extends the life of the filter..

The MERV rating of the filter is high

A few High performance furnace filter It has the ability to trap significantly more indoor air pollutants than regular filters. Some even provide protection for HEPA filters. But these filters get dirty very quickly because it traps a lot of what’s in the air (that’s what you want it to be).

Solution:be careful MERV rating when buying a new filterAnd keep in mind that the more protection you provide, the faster the stain will be coated.

Pet hair and dander

Did you have a new pet?Or did an existing pet Start to shed more more than usual? In either case, the furnace filter can fill up faster than usual.

Solution: Polish your pet (outdoors) more regularly and vacuum more often in a week.

How to prevent the HVAC filter from getting dirty very quickly

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