How to prepare your garage for the winter

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Whether you use the garage as a place to park your car or as a workshop, it’s time to prepare for the winter season. But in any case, it can be a daunting task and you may not know where to start.

of Drive article, Andréana Lefton describes some steps to take now to allow the garage to serve all its purposes.long. Here’s what you need to know:

Donate and keep things organized

Before the weather changes Lefton is recommended I will do a big cleaning in spring in autumn. The first step is to go around the garage looking for something you don’t need and can donate. Move them around to give yourself some room before taking them to your local donation site.

Remove old chemicals and other hazardsNS

Then remove the old chemicals. Lefton says In general, temperature fluctuations and cold weather can cause liquids to expand and contract. In some cases, the container may be distorted, shattered, or spilled with chemicals.

Collect Bring old paint and other potentially toxic substances, dead car batteries, and other items that should not be in your regular garbage collection to the hazardous waste disposal site. Lefton advises..

Make sure the chemicals you are storing are safely stored

Of course you don’t want to get rid of all There are chemicals and other liquids, so put what you want to store in a cabinet or temperature-controlled space and take the time to keep it from freezing, Lefton says. “Wrap the extra car battery in insulation to prevent freezing and cracking.” She adds.. “Protects metal tools and parts from moisture by safely storing them in a toolbox or a well-sealed drawer.”

Organize everything else

Now that you’ve removed the clutter and stored your chemicals and liquids safely, you can walk through the garage and use existing shelves, hooks, or wall shelves to clean up what’s left.

If you haven’t already installed these in your garage, Lefton is recommended I’m doing it now, but it could be more projects You can handle it at this time. In any case, stand up from the floor as much as possible before cleaning and check for cracks, leaks or signs of pests.

Make sure you have winter equipment and supplies at hand

Once everything is (relatively) tidy, find items to use each winter, such as shovels, snowplows, snowplow fuel, tools (or vehicles) needed for repairs, and make sure you have them. increase. Easy to access. Next, check for any sand, salt, or deicing agent left over from last year, and if not, stock up on what you are using. Lefton advises..

Weather the garage

If you have more time and want to keep your garage warm, now is the time to do it.This is the task Lefton is recommended:

  • Replace old weatherstripping (especially if it shrinks or becomes brittle over time)
  • Re-caulk doors and windows
  • Check the garage door cables and rollers for wear, then use lubrication spray on all moving parts.
  • cover Exposed pipe with foil or fiberglass insulation
  • Sealed Small openings like outlets (and use fire caulking for them)

If you don’t have time to make your garage weatherable right now, just having a clean and tidy space Helps to survive the winter. YCan be done at any time Work on Other projects next year.

How to prepare your garage for the winter

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