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How to network when you have social unrest

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Networking has many specific benefits, from finding mentors and peers who can help you navigate your career to identifying leads for your next job. However, while networking is convenient, it can be quite scary.

“When it comes to networking, anxiety is more common than it isn’t.” Christie Hunter EarthcottCareer advisor, speaker, book author Start Bold: How Women Rethink Risk, Accept Uncertainty, and Start a Great Career.. “Most people report feeling nervous or anxious before engaging in it.”

This anxiety can range from feeling butterflies in your stomach to a full-blown panic thinking about attending a networking event. However, there are some strategies that can help alleviate anxiety before you give up your networking idea altogether, so you can create a strong network of professionals.

“What we know is that the power of networking and our connections correlates with career success and achievement,” said Hunter Earthcott. “The question is not whether we feel anxious. We can feel anxious, but how do we manage those emotions and the networks within them?”

Curiosity helps reduce anxiety

One of the most effective ways to reduce anxiety is to engage in networking with curiosity. “Curiosity is a powerful tool for addressing fears and hesitations about connecting with others,” said Hunter Earthcott.

As she points out, participating with curiosity helps to move your attention away from our nerves and more towards the people you meet. “The advantage is that you can learn about others and be more likely to find something in common.”

As 2017 study Curious people have been shown to be less susceptible to social rejection and more favored by their peers. “This is one simple solution that can bring so many benefits,” says Hunter Arscott.

In addition, the languages ​​we use can make a big difference.As Research showsA pure idea of ​​networking makes many people feel dirty. “How we assemble something has different psychological and behavioral implications,” said Hunter Earthcott.

For this reason, Hunter Arscott avoids using the term “networking” and instead frames it as follows: Connecting With other people. “You can choose the phrases that make the most sense to you, but in any case, the correct phrases can reduce those discomforts and anxieties,” she said.

The sooner you start networking, the better

When it comes to networking, you can often pay dividends years in advance. Therefore, it is important to start early, not later. “If you want to achieve compound interest, it’s imperative that you start early,” said Hunter Earthcott.

For long-term career success, it is often beneficial to have an extensive network of people from different roles, organizations and professions. These relationships may not be particularly beneficial in the short term, but they are often useful later when circumstances change.

“One of the mistakes people make is to wait until they feel they need a network to start establishing a connection. It’s too late. It’s too late to wait until you’re ready to move roles and organizations and build a network. No, it’s too late. You have to start the connection before you need it, “Hunter Arscott said.

How to network when you have social unrest

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