How to make a cheap DIY canopy bed

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A canopy bed can make your bedroom feel romantic, calm and peaceful. But the canopy bed itself is, well, expensive. You can get the look of the canopy, but at no cost. Please make it yourself.

What you need for a canopy bed

These projects require a tape measure, screw gun, and stud finder. You should also wear protective goggles, as you may get particles in your eyes if you screw them into the plaster on the ceiling above your head.

Make an embroidery hoop canopy

Use light and large curtains to get a rounded drape effect Embroidery hoop.. To hang this canopy, screw the potluck hooks into three places 24 inches apart on the ceiling. Open the embroidery hoop, place the curtain on the outer hoop and reassemble. Then hang the hoop on the potluck hook and hang a curtain around the bed.

Install the curtain track on the bed

You can use one mounted on the ceiling for a large curved look Curtain truck And grommet curtain set or shower curtain. Use the included hardware to mount the truck on the bed and hook the curtain over it. This also allows the canopy to be pulled back when needed.

Use a curtain rod around the bed

straight Curtain rod By mounting it on the ceiling and aligning it on both sides of the bed, you can get the effect of a sealed canopy. Attach drywall anchors and screws to the ceiling, then add rods with curtains to them.Use rights hardware It helps prevent them from rattling and falling.

Adopted curtain rod panel method

Only two ceiling-mounted rods are needed to drape the curtain along the head or feet of the bed. Simply screw the panel into one rod and drape it to the second rod. This design can also be used to drape multiple times on both sides of the bed, except that the curtain panel needs to be threaded through each rod and layered on top of the bed. This method is ideal for bold prints and low pleated prints.

Use industrial pipes for the canopy

Using pipes and flanges is another way to add a canopy to your bed using industrial flares. This method requires you to be able to cut the pipe to the appropriate size or buy a pre-cut pipe to fit the dimensions of the bed.use Flange With each corner Bidirectional right angle elbow At each corner. If you assemble the pipe on the floor first, the pipe will hang more smoothly. Once the flange is screwed into the ceiling, screw the curtain into the pipe and screw the pipe.

For each of these applications, uUse the stud finder to check the ceiling joists so that the screws are driven into the hard material. Be sure to read the material package as well. In particular To Check your hardware weight limit to prevent the canopy from moving Will collapse to you.

How to make a cheap DIY canopy bed

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