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How to Kill Your Lawn (and Why You May Want)

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The lawn occupies a fascinating niche in American culture. The The most cultivated crop in the country, That patch of grass in your vestibule offers nothing of practical value.Despite the fact that it is, we are obsessed with clean lawns Thirsty, difficult to maintain and expensive..

Of course, the lawn that is Quite — if they are prosperous. But if you are in a noble but fateful battle with the elements to establish a beautiful lawn, It may be time to reduce your losses. The rule of thumb here is very simple.If the lawn is 50% live grass and the rest is bare soil, exotic weeds, dead shells of past grass (or grass) Wrong Grass from past experiments), it’s time to wipe the slate clean and start over.

How to kill the lawn

There are several ways to kill the lawn, each with its own strengths and weaknesses.


The fastest and worst way to kill the lawn is to go to a scorched earth operation and blow it up with a herbicide.I want you brand use Glyphosate For best results, you should check with your local nursery or gardening specialist if you need professional advice. Be careful not to use products that promise long-term results of Weed prevention. This will prevent new grass from growing either. This will take about 2 weeks to completely kill your lawn.

advantage: It’s pretty easy and relatively fast.

Disadvantage: Herbicides are poisonous and indiscriminate spraying of poison around the house may not be the best idea. You may need repeated treatments to completely kill your lawn.

Black plastic

This approach will take some time, but it’s 100% Safe and don’t work badly-Intensive.Cut the lawn as low as possible and cover it completely with a thick object. Black plastic sheet.. Cover the entire lawn with several layers, stake it on the ground,.. ..wait.

advantage: Safe and simple.

Disadvantage: It’s a little late. It can take up to two months for the lawn to die completely. However, he wins the race slowly and steadily.

Clear plastic, water, sun

There is clear plastic instead of black plastic. Mow the lawn and soak it in water. Soak —Cover with clear plastic. Put it down and let the sun cook your lawn to death.

advantage: Completely natural.

Disadvantage: It takes a month or two and depends on having lots of sunny days.

Gardening vinegar

This is not the vinegar you keep in your kitchen, it is usually only 5% Acetic acid.Something like this is usually about 20% A powerful and fairly effective herbicide.

advantage: This is a popular option for organic gardeners and those who are reluctant to send poison to the ground.

Disadvantage: It may not actually kill the root system of your lawn, so rebellious grasses and weeds may revert.Repeated treatment may be required — and Vinegar can accumulate salt in the soilMakes the growth of new lawns more difficult.

Sod cutter

Finally, you can make a brute force attack and tear everything apart.Get it yourself Cut turf cutter Tear the lawn and let someone carry the material away.

advantage: Thoroughly. You will get rid of all the debris of the plants you don’t want. Do not put toxic things on the ground.

Disadvantage: It’s a bit more expensive and labor intensive, and you’ll have to find someone to carry away your chopped lawn.

Once you’ve killed the lawn and removed all the dead plants, you can start a new campaign with environmentally friendly grass. Use less water.

How to Kill Your Lawn (and Why You May Want)

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