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How to keep your Pixel from unlocking in your pocket

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It’s frustrating to take your phone out of your pocket and find that it’s on all the time and the battery is draining. His Pixel owner, in particular, is frustrated by his phone being unlocked in his pocket. Google may apply a patch in the future, but there are some steps you can take now to fix the issue.

How to keep your Google Pixel from unlocking in your pocket

The first thing to try is to lower the sensitivity of your display.After all the display that too Being touch-sensitive, you could mistake something random in your pocket for a tap and unlock it without your knowledge.To find the settings, open the Settings app and go to screen Where you will find [タッチ感度を上げる]Toggle next to

If your Pixel is still on In your pocket or bag you have another solution, but it’s a hassle, turn off “Tap to confirm phone”. By disabling this feature, commonly referred to as ‘tap to wake’, you can eliminate accidental taps in your pocket as a cause of your Pixel turning off.I’m the only way the screen lights upPress the power button or pick up the phone to check.

T.Although ap to wake is a useful featureyou may not want to get rid of it as you can check the phone without picking it up firstOf course the trade-off is I know my phone won’t unlock in your pocket.some users Criticizing Google’s tap-to-wake approach, to go back from two taps to one tap. This brings the Pixel in line with how it works on his iPhone, but makes it harder to accidentally wake up the display if the company sticks to double taps.

How to disableTap to wake up

To disable tap-to-wakego To Settings > Display > Lock screen > Tap to confirm phone, then tap the toggle.If you really want to be aggressive Pixel stays quiet in your pocket. You can also turn off “Pick up my phone to check”. This feature wakes up your Pixel when you pick it up and turns off Wake screen to show notifications. Turning the latter off will prevent your Pixel from turning on when you receive a new notification, preventing you from accidentally tapping the screen to activate it. your phone.

How to keep your Pixel from unlocking in your pocket

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