How To Increase Deep Sleep? Benefits + Tips

Slow-wave sleep is also known as deep sleep; it is a term where three and four stages are defined as sleep. At this time, your breathing and heart rate are at the lowest, the waves of your brain slow down, and your muscles and eyes relax. It is also known as the “restorative” sleep phase as the tissues are repaired by the body and make the immune system strong.

While sleeping, you go through different sleep cycle stages. Deep sleep is considered to be the stage where you wake up feeling fresh. As time passes by, the total deep sleep we get decreases every night. It’s because our bodies are developed fully and adults don’t need the same development as children.

To make your mind relaxed and know how the total deep sleep can be increased that you experience every night, let the tips mentioned below be added to your lifestyle.

  • Eat a lot of fiber

A healthy and nutritious diet not only improves your weight loss but also impacts the sleep quality that you get. It has been shown in the studies that more fiber intake leads to a lot of deep sleep. During the day, make some efforts where more fiber can be added to your diet with other foods that lead to sleep.

  • Workout daily

There’s nothing to be surprised if we say that daily sweat is beneficial for sleep. People who work out during the day sleep faster than the ones who don’t work out at all.

It has been found in the research that people who work out for 150 minutes a week are twice as likely to get a good night’s sleep. Make sure to avoid working out before sleep as your heart rate will increase – leading to disrupted sleep.

  • Avoid consuming caffeine 7+ hours before going to bed

With caffeine, you might find it difficult to sleep. It can also reduce your sleep. It has been found in the study that taking caffeine six to seven hours before sleep reduced the total sleep received by the hour. It is better to stick to tea, water, and other drinks that do not contain caffeine. Certain drinks like chamomile and warm milk can help in better sleep.

  • Know your inner yogi

Yoga is not only better to keep your mind and body in the center, but it also promotes better sleep quality. Add yoga into your daily workout routine or right before going to bed. Focus more on the poses that relax the mind and body.

  • Create a comfortable routine while going to bed

A busy working day or playing with kids in the afternoon can make it tough to relax your mind and enjoy sleep without any tension. A routine during bedtime will keep the body relaxed and curb any sleep anxiety.

The bedtime should be between half an hour to an hour and make sure to keep it consistent. This helps to keep your mind relaxed and you will be refreshed for the next productive day.

  • Listen to peaceful noise

Sound plays an essential role whether you can fall asleep or not. If you are residing in the city center or your neighbors are noisy, use white noise to get rid of the sound that might be keeping you from falling and staying asleep.

People who want deep sleep might benefit from pink noise. The noise represents the sound of nature such as steady waves or rainfall. It has been found that this noise improves older people’s memory and increases deep sleep.

  • Make the bedroom a sleep sanctuary

The environment where you sleep every day should be friendly and comfortable which means no loud noises, bright lights, and a cooler temperature. 60-67 degrees Fahrenheit has been considered the best temperature for sleep.

At night, use amber and low voltage light bulbs and avoid using electronic devices at least before an hour when you sleep. Calculating your sleep cycle will help to determine how much sleep you are getting.

  • Eye mask can be used to block lights

Just like sound, light has a negative effect on the sleep quality that you get every night. If your partner loves reading or if you are someone who works at night, an eye mask during the daytime while sleeping can help.

  • Listen to binaural beats

If you are someone who loves listening to music, add binaural beats to the playlist. It is a beat where you hear a different tone in both ears which is slightly different in frequency. If you want that beat to work, you need to listen to the tones separately through both the ears and the frequency should be less than 1000 Hz.

Advantages of deep sleep

REM sleep and the third stage of the sleep cycle are some of the essential stages while sleeping. The phases can be restored and are crucial for growth, hormone regulation, and physical renewal.

REM sleep is considered the one where a mind forms and stores everything in the memory. The chemicals from which you feel good will also boost up, such as serotonin.

If you don’t get deep sleep, you might wake up feeling depressed and groggy. Your weight might also increase and have difficulty concentrating and being socialized. Deep sleep is not only essential for the mind and body but also the quality of life.

How would you know how much sleep you are getting?

A perfect sign to know is when you wake up feeling exhausted. Different types of technology can help to track your sleep.

Deep sleep is wonderful for the mind and body. Understanding how it works will help to know the ways to increase it. First, take a look at your lifestyle and routine. If you are not working out daily, start right away. Start by going on a walk for 30 minutes.

No doubt, every person is different. Some people might benefit from Yoga if added to their daily routine. Whatever it is, make sure you are waking up after a successful night’s sleep with a comfortable mattress right for your body needs.

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